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Correct ceiling fan rotation

Ceiling Fan Rotation: Summer vs. Winter

Do you have an existing, or looking to purchase a new ceiling fan, and wonder the purpose of having a reverse fan direction option? Well, the forward and reverse fan rotation optimizes airflow for winter and summer...

How to insulate an attic hatch panel with foamboard

How-to Insulate Attic Hatch Panels

How to insulate attic hatch panels is easy and effective with rigid foamboard and a few other minimal supplies. The following steps and materials could also apply to insulating an attic door. Supplies needed: Rigid...

How to seal ducts with mastic tape

How to Seal HVAC Ducts with Foil Mastic Tape

Sealing HVAC ducts can help eliminate air leakage through air ventilation duct seams, plus minimize or prevent ambient foreign particles and gases from entering the return air vents. Understanding Duct Joints and Seams...