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Modern bathroom with walk-in shower

How to Replace a Frameless Shower Door Seal

The plastic seal on the bottom of a hinged and pivoting  frameless glass shower door will eventually develop tears and cracks from opening and closing the door. The video instructions cover every step needed to...

How to choose a hacksaw blade

Hacksaw Blades – Comparison, Cutting Guide, Tips

Get the best cutting performance, and the most versatility, from a hacksaw by using a blade that is best matched to the project and material to be cut. 1) TPI = Teeth Per Inch 2) Material thickness – not diameter...

Olfa Utility Knives and Cutters

OLFA Utility Knives – A Better Cutting Solution

Choose from the many utility knife and blade combinations to optimize cutting when doing crafts and home improvement projects. I’ve used the typical utility knife for years, but at some point questioned whether...