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How to repair a broken Shark steam mop handle

How to Fix a Broken Shark Steam Mop Handle

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501) has a faulty handle, but we have an easy fix that is stronger than OEM, and looks OEM. What breaks on the handle? The steam mop handle consists of two internal plastic sleeves that...

How to install or replace a wall return air grille

How to Install a Wall Return Air Grille

Let’s start with understanding how and what the air grille is attaching to.¬†Interior walls are mainly, if not all, framed with 2×4 material. Unlike exterior walls which have grown over the years to 2×6...

Mirror mastic adhesive for frameless mirrors

How to Install a Frameless Mirror with Mirror Adhesive

When hanging a frameless mirror without any mounting hardware, you’re left with using adhesive / mastic that is mirror compliant. The Henkel Corporation has two products that will work, LOCTITE PL Mirror Adhesive...

How to seal ducts with mastic tape

How to Seal HVAC Ducts with Foil Mastic Tape

Sealing HVAC ducts can help eliminate air leakage through air ventilation duct seams, plus minimize or prevent ambient foreign particles and gases from entering the return air vents. Understanding Duct Joints and Seams...