Buying Guide: Wall-Mounted Garage Vacuums

You can go to any local home improvement store and purchase a wet dry vacuum, e.g. Craftsman, Vacmaster VWM510, and the well known Shop-Vac brand.

Sure, these types of vacuums have their cleaning purposes and are more economical than the models mentioned in this article. However, the following wall-mounted garage vacuums are a better option for their intended cleaning duties. We’ll explain why that is – and why spending the extra money is worth the investment.

A wall-mounted vacuum cleaner is another step in having a organized garage. You now have ease of use to keep the interior of your car clean, bench tops void of messes and garage mats free of dirt buildup. And, select models can allow several other tasks to be accomplished too.

  • Models with a blower port can be used for leaf and debris cleanup. With smaller units having lightweight portability.
  • When it’s time to clean window screens, attach the brush to remove the large debris and majority of the dust before using a wet wipe for final cleaning. This also keeps your house vacuum tools from getting too dirty and possibly transferring that grime to your interior furnishings.
  • Do you have inflatable pools, toys, balls, etc? Certain brands and models provide the necessary attachments to make inflating painless. Reverse the process with the vacuum to easily deflate and store those same items.
  • Is your kitchen near the garage door? The long hoses, along with wand and brush cleaning tools, allow you to keep your refrigerator coils clean for best efficiency.

What Makes a Good Garage Vacuum

The following vacuums use crush-proof hoses, like the ones used for floor vacuums. These are much softer, more flexible, and are smaller in diameter compared to common wet dry vac hoses. You want the rigid and larger hoses for large, and possibly sharp, debris cleanup. But you don’t want these hoses scraping against your car, and being so stiff, these hoses are much more difficult to maneuver.

Many of the vacuums come with long lengths of hose, which means you can keep the vacuum on the wall and still reach where needed. Although, the vacuums may easily lift off the wall bracket when needed.

The vacuums come supplied with cleaning tools to be more gentle and specific for car interiors. Some brands and models also have adapters to help with inflation of toys, exercise equipment, etc.

Compared to wet dry vacs, the H20 lift and blower CFM is substantially greater.

The following articles give a good explanation of common vacuum terms (e.g. amps, hose type, cfm).

Garage Vacuum Comparison

Brand & Model Amps Capacity Filtration Wet Use Hose Length H20 Lift / CFM Blower Port Colors Warranty Avg. Retail
Metropolitan Vacuum Company Varies per model Varies per model Disposable foam disc - Varies per model Varies per model Varies per model Gloss Black, Polished Stainless 1 year Varies per model
Vacu-Maid Garage Vac 12 7 gallons HEPA - 30′ or 50′ 95″ / 138 Gunmetal, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Black 5 years $229
Vacu-Maid Garage Vac Pro 15 7 gallons HEPA - 30′ or 50′ 138″ / 137.5 Gunmetal, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Black 5 years $295
InterVac Garage Vac 12 1 gallon 5-layer bag - 8′ to 40′ 100″ / 110 - Red, Black, White, Green 6 years+ $199.50
Hoover GUV 10 5 gallons Re-usable cloth disc - 30′ N/A - Gunmetal 3 years $155.55
Bissell Garage Pro 12 4 gallons Re-usable cloth disc 32′ N/A Stealth Metallic Gray 2 years $179.99
Vac N Blo Compact Wall Mount VNB4AFBR


Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner offers several auto vacuums with varying specifications. Please check their website for the latest product availability.

The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. “American Dream” story began in 1939, launching several products over the decades, leading to a dedicated line of vacuum cleaners for car use, starting in 2008.

The Vac N Blo® models come with an abundance of tools for complete car detailing. And as the name suggest, they vacuum and have a blower port.

The hose lengths and types vary amongst the models. E.g. The Vac N Blo® Compact Wall Mount uses 2 x 6 ft. hoses, while the Vac N Blo® Pro Commercial Series is provided with a single 30ft. commercial quality car wash hose. For additional lengths of hose or replacement parts shop Metrovac hoses.

Note: A Vac N Blo® Jumbo resides in my garage and has been 100% reliable over a span of several years.

Wall-mount garage vacuum by VacuMaid


12 / 15 Amps
7 Gallon Capacity
HEPA Filtration
Dry Use Only
30′ or 50′ Hose Length
95″ / 138 H20 Lift / CFM
Blower Port
5 Year Warranty

Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc. (LMI), parent company name for VacuMaid, is one of the leading manufacturers of central vacuum systems worldwide and offers a dedicated garage vacuum that’s available in two models, GV and the GVPRO. Both are identical in nearly every way, with the GVPRO having a stronger motor.

A single piece 30′ hose is standard with the option to upgrade to a 50′ hose.

The vacuum uses a disposable HEPA bag, which needs replacing when full, but with a 7 gallon capacity, there should be fairly large intervals between bag changes.

InterVac Surface and Flush Mounted GarageVac


12 Amps
1 Gallon Capacity
5-layer Bag Filtration
Dry Use Only
8′ to 40′ Hose Length
100″ / 110 H20 Lift / CFM
6 Year Warranty +

InterVac states, “InterVac products are engineered for peak performance and every Made in the USA InterVac product is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory.”

The hoses for each model listed stretch to a degree, but the InterVac hose is only 8′ standard, then stretchable to 40′. This makes the shorter hose easier to store. A positive. On the other hand, this design will create greater resistance as you pull, won’t lay flat, but will want to recoil.

The surface mount model is only 5 ⅛″ deep. Then there is the flush mount model for an even cleaner look. The problem I see with the flush mount model? It’s only cleaner if the hose isn’t stored on the vacuum. With the hose hanger and hose, you’re back to protruding off the wall the same overall distance as the surface mount model.

Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum

Hoover GUV

10 Amps
5 Gallon Capacity
Re-usable Cloth Disc Filtration
Dry Use Only
30′ Hose Length
3 Year Warranty

The Hoover GUV ProGrade garage vacuum provides all the essentials to keep your garage, work area, and auto’s clean. The included caddy ensures all your vacuum tools are organized and easily accessible.

Only comes with the single piece 30′ crush-proof hose with no upgrade option during purchase.

Bissell Garage Pro Wet and Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Garage Pro

12 Amps
4 Gallon Capacity
Re-usable Cloth Disc Filtration
Wet & Dry Use
32′ Hose Length
Blower Port
2 Year Warranty

The Bissell Garage Pro Wet Dry Canister Vacuum has a semi-translucent dirt tank with an LED Full Water Tank Indicator. No more guessing about how full the vacuum is or losing performance from nearing full capacity.

There are a few advantages over the other models on this list. This vacuum has wet vacuuming capabilities and is bagless, which saves in additional maintenance costs. Just wash out the 4-gallon tank when too dirty.

A re-usable primary filter aids in filtration, while a secondary filter option helps capture even more debris.

Quick Tip
Dusting Auto Interiors

Make quick work of a dusty dash, hard panel surfaces, and hard to reach areas (vents, gauge clusters, and shifter area) with a Swiffer Duster Pad. Easily stores in a glove box or any storage compartment for convenient access when needed.

For more dusting options, an air compressor with a blow gun attachment can blow debris and dust from deep within vents and crevices.

Use a Swiffer dry duster for automotive interiors