5 Solutions for Ironing Board Storage

For the right space, a cabinet or drawer ironing board organizer can create an efficient ironing workspace. For an economical, quick, and simple installation, a wall-mount or over-the-door organizer will get the ironing board off the floor and neatly tucked away, with some models having additional storage for an iron and possibly more.

Wall-Mount Ironing Organizers

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A wall-mount ironing organizer is economical and readily available at most local retail stores, including hardware stores. They attach with wall anchors, which may be included.

When wanting a full-size ironing board, this type of organizer may be your best option for storage, compared to the built-in units (see below), which have a smaller board.

Note: The Rayen 2100.10 Iron Holder includes over-the-door hanger attachments.

Door Ironing Board Holders

Adding iron and ironing board storage doesn’t get any easier than this. No tools required! Plus, there is no permanent modifications to your walls.

The downside? The visible over-the-door hanger bracket, which may mar your door frame if the gap is very thin between the door and door frame when closing the door.

Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board

Ironing Board Cabinets

Get a full functioning ironing center that either mounts to the surface of your wall, or is recessed into the wall for a slimmer and cleaner look.

Designs vary, which may include a ironing board storage cabinet only, or have the ability to store an ironing board, iron, ironing accessories, along with a power strip to have close proximity power outlets for user-friendliness.

Note: Models with built-in power outlets will need to be wired (connected) to an electrical outlet.

Pull-out Ironing Board

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Have the convenience of an ironing board stored right in the space of your lower laundry or bath cabinet drawer.

The mid-size ironing board measures roughly 37-38″ long, but folds in the middle, allowing it to fit in a common cabinet.

Custom Project
DIY Ironing Organizers and Holders

If none of the above products are an ideal solution, there are several organizer hooks, hardware, and furniture that can be used to hang an ironing board as well as store your iron and the needed laundry accessories.

Example 1
Mounting 2 individual coat hooks can work as an ironing board holder. Style and finish is abundant to meet any preference.

If wanting storage for the iron, bottles, etc., purchase a shelf and coat rack combination. Again these can be found in several styles and finishes.

Coat hook ironing board hangers

Example 2
Wall panels can be cut to size, or multiplied for a modular design. There are an array of hooks, baskets, cabinets, and accessories to create a unique and optimized storage solution.

Wall panel laundry organizing

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