Comparing the Milwaukee and DeWALT Right Angle Attachments

Comparing the Milwaukee and DeWALT Right Angle Attachments

The Milwaukee and DeWALT right angle adapters attach to a ¼” hex driver or ⅜” – ½” drill to help gain access to fasteners with limited clearance.

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Milwaukee Offset Adapter (48-32-2100)

5.435″ Total Length
1.15″ Head Width
105° Offset Angle
400 Maximum RPM
100 in-lbs. Maximum Torque
.43lbs. Without Bit
Magnetic Bit Holder
Die-Cast Body

Speaking with a long time tool store owner, he said, “the Milwaukee Offset Drive Adapter (48-32-2100) is the original right angle hex adapter”.

Milwaukee says, “Use the power and speed of your Cordless Screwdriver to fasten or remove screws in light applications up to 400 RPM.”


  • 12 position 360-degrees adjustable thumb flange. (1) Slide the flange down from it’s current set of notches, unlocking it’s position. (2) Rotate the handle to the new desired position and set of notches. (3) Push the flange back up, locking in place.
  • A strong magnet securely holds bits.
  • The compact size and notched head allows low clearance: 1.15″ without bit and 1.4″ with 1″ insert bit. The notch also works as a handy thumb rest when applicable.


  • Low rpm and torque rating.
  • Short body allows hand contact with the hex shaft as it’s turning, but we didn’t consider this effect dangerous.

Milwaukee Right Angle (49-22-8510)

6.2″ Total Length
2″ Head Width
90° Offset Angle
1750 Maximum RPM
235 in-lbs. Maximum Torque
.9lbs. Without Bit
Magnetic & Locking Bit Holder
Steel & Cast

The Milwaukee Right Angle Attachment (49-22-8510) feels like an industrial grade tool. It’s much larger than the Milwaukee 48-32-2100 offset adapter, can handle over twice as much torque, and the heavy-duty construction has the adapter weighing twice as much as all the other adapters in this list.


  • Durable all metal housing and steel gears.
  • The bit holder is magnetic and and uses a quick release lock .
  • The 2.75″ long grab bar allows ample leverage; adjusts up and down as well as 360-degrees. (1) Turn the handle counterclockwise to loosen. (2) Lift the handle up or down to the desired position and set of notches and/or rotate the handle collar to the desired position. (3) Turn the handle clockwise, locking in place.
  • Other reviews praise the impact durability, although Milwaukee makes no mention of impact readiness.


  • Cost is substantially more than all other right angle attachments.
  • With the widest head, and protrusion of the quick lock bit mechanism (another .5″), this is the least compact adapter.

DeWalt Right Angle (DWARA50)

5.95″ Total Length
1.25″ Head Width
90° Offset Angle
3000 Maximum RPM
N/A Maximum Torque
.39lbs. Without Bit
Magnetic Bit Holder
Plastic & Metal

The DWARA50 is DeWALT’s base model right angle attachment.


  • The plastic body and head combination provide a large area for comfortable hand grip and placement.


  • Weakest magnetic bit hold of all models listed. The DeWALT packaging shows the use of a pliers to grab hold of short bits for removal, but with a weak magnet, we found grabbing hold of the bit with the thumb and index finger just as effective.

DeWalt Right Angle (DWARA100)

5.96″ Total Length
1.4″ Head Width
90° Offset Angle
3000 Maximum RPM
N/A Maximum Torque
.38lbs. Without Bit
Magnetic Ring Bit Holder
Plastic & Metal

DeWALT classifies their DWARA100 right angle attachment as impact ready.

What’s the main difference between the DWARA50 and DWARA100 models? A response from DeWALT says, “The DWARA100 is just a heavier duty version of the right angle attachment plus the addition of the ring magnet”.


  • Impact ready.
  • The ring magnet securely holds bits, and fasteners when using 1″ insert bits (ref. gallery).


  • Some reviews question the long term durability for impact use.


In our short term analysis we didn’t experience any stand out flaws in any of the products, and didn’t conclude that either the Milwaukee or DeWALT right angle attachments are better. Based on the specifications of each product, application use would be the best determinator for which right angle adapter to purchase.

From left to right: The Milwaukee 48-32-2100, DeWALT DWARA100, and Milwaukee 49-22-8510 are lined up to show their comparison in size.

Obvious differences, and not so obvious.

The differences in the Milwaukee right angle attachments is very noticeable; the 48-32-2100 is a light-duty and compact right angle attachment, whereas the 49-22-8510 is much larger, heavier, has over 2X the torque rating, and over 4X the rpm capability to handle more heavy-duty fastening, drilling, and cutting.

The differences between the DeWALT models makes less sense; the DWARA50 and DWARA100 have very similar appearances, ratings, dimensions, and weigh nearly the exact same, which questions how different they really are.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no locking mechanism that allows any of the listed adapters to be used on their own. The free spinning ¼” hex input shaft must be turned by another tool.

For drilling purposes, use a hex shank drill, e.g. Insty Bit and Montana Brand.

Both hands are required. One hand on the adapter to hold it firmly and safely in place, and the other hand on the drill, driver, or ¼” hex shaft screwdriver.