A storage rack system may provide all the organizing and storage space you’re looking for. But if not, there are several modifications to increase storage and organizing capabilities.

Creating Additional Interior Storage

The more economical plastic storage shelving can be bought and broken down to make 2 tier shelf systems, therefore creating more interior organization.

Common sizes of 18 & 24″ deep can be matched for both the metal rack and plastic shelving.

For custom height adjustments, the plastic shelving corner posts can be cut to length with a hacksaw, as well as a power saw with the appropriate plastic cutting blade. The left over sections of the posts could be used as feet for the second set of shelves.

Storage Rack Interior Storage Additions

Creating Additional End Storage

There are several ways to mount modifiers to the sides/ends that won’t interrupt access to the shelf fronts. The slots or holes in the corner supports allow a bolt – washer – nut combination, to attach extra organizers, and won’t permanently alter the storage rack.

  • Pegboards and Hooks – Sizes need to be examined, so that they fit the rack depth and mount easily without additional modifications (CarGuyGarageWallPegStoreHomeDepotMenardsLowes, Alligator Board).
  • Plywood or MDF sheet – A basic pegboard is cheaper and already designed with pre-fabricated hardware holes, but if one had some spare plywood or MDF sheets lying around, they could be cut to fit, and then hanging options could be added via drill holes, screws, or bolts .
  • Gladiator GarageWorks – GearTrack channels or GearWall panels can be cut to length using a circular saw (60 tooth min.), or a jigsaw. With their vast assortment of organizing & storage accessories, the possibilities are endless. Hang all your paint brushes and rolls of tape. Add the Clean-up Caddy and Bins for for easy access of small parts, paper towels, cans of cleaners and paints.

Storage Rack End Storage Additions

Creating Basic Tool Hangers

Unused shelf slots on the storage rack system corner supports can be used for mounting bolts of various lengths to hang a number of items.

Note: Small diameter bolts will be needed to fit tool handles. The use of fender washers (large O.D.) in the bigger slot openings will ensure a secure fit. For added protection, using shrink tubing to cover the bolts, works great!

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Level
  • Builders square
  • Clamps
  • Straight edge rulers
  • Extension poles

A capped off PVC pipe could be attached to a corner support via: band clamps, nylon tie-downs, or any other means of strapping. A nice storage solution for keeping tubing, dowels, umbrellas, etc. organized.

Bulk storage rack tool hanging solutions