The Honeywell 7-day programmable solar timer switches pack a lot of style and function into a single wall switch that can control lights, fans, block heaters, and pool filter pumps. To help navigate through the extensive list of programming options, we created a step-by-step animated video tutorial.

Features & Model Comparison

  • Single wall switch
  • Large backlit LCD screen displays time, day of the week, and icons of set programs.
  • Manual Mode allows lights to turn on and off with the main button.
  • Automatic Mode provides 7-day programming, with up to 21 individual programs.
  • Random Mode will turn lights on and off at different times based on factory presets.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings time changeover (this option can be turned off).
  • Two hour battery backup for power outage.
Illustration describing the features of a Honeywell programmable timer switch
Model #Load TypeMax LoadMin LoadNeutral (required)IncandescentHalogenFluorescentCFL and LEDMotors †Product Page ‡
RPLS540A – RPLS541Asingle pole • 3-way lighting500 W40 W
RPLS740B – RPLS741Bsingle pole • motor1800 W • .75 hp motor • 1440 W Tungstennone
PLS550A – PLS551Asingle pole • 3-way lighting500 W40 W
PLS750 – PLS751single pole • 3-way lighting • motor1800 W • 1 hp motor • 1440 W Tungstennone
TI072 – Aubesingle pole • 3-way lighting • motor1800 W • 1 hp motor • 1440 W Tungstennone

Motor applicable switches include uses for: block heaters, fans, pool filter pumps.
Product availability and specs may change. Check manufacturers website for more information.
Note: For local purchasing, check nearby electrical supply and lighting retailers for product availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the programming features are the same, along with the design. Only the warranty and load vary.

For example, Honeywell customer service said, “The RPLS740 is a retail switch, which has 1 year warranty on it. This switch is not compatible with 3-way switching wire configuration. It is retail unit available at any retail stores. The PLS750 is a trade switch, which has 3 years warranty from date of installation. This switch is compatible with 3-way switching wire configuration. Its available through any HVAC licensed contractor”.

The Honeywell RPLS540A, RPLS541A, PLS550A, and PLS551A light switch timers do not require a neutral wire.

The RPLS540A, RPLS541A, PLS550A, and PLS551A require a minimum load of 40W.

The RPLS740B, RPLS741B, PLS750, PLS751, and TI072 switches don’t have a minimum load.

Aube Technologies – a Honeywell company, targets the Canadian market, but are the exact same as their Honeywell counterparts, with a different part number.

Update: The Aube timer switches no longer have a separate website and are now rolled into the Honeywell website and product line.

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Programming Instructions

The tutorial begins with the default screen — after power is applied to the switch — and continues through every menu step-by-step. Learn what each function does, how to make adjustments, and how to apply a setting.

Disclaimer: DIY House Help digitally recreated a Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Solar Timer Switch for the video. DIY House Help is not associated in any way with Honeywell International Inc.