Some frameless mirrors can be purchased with pre-attached french cleats. This can take a lot of the guesswork and hassle out of mounting. The mirror can also be mounted vertically or horizontally.

French cleats can also be purchased separately and attached with mirror adhesive (e.g. LOCTITE PL Mirror Adhesive). Note: Using a non-specific mirror adhesive could erode the mirror backing and show through as black specs on the glass.

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Tools Needed

  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill and drill bits – (i) Drills sized to the wall anchor specifications. (ii) Smaller drills for pilot holes – see following instructions.
  • Hammer
  • Blue painters tape (optional). Use wherever wall marks need to be made

* Frameless mirrors can be simple as placing the mirror against a wall, then guesstimate where the brackets should be placed. If wanting a more calculated approach the following steps will ensure a perfectly hung mirror.

Step 1

Locate bottom and center location on wall for mirror placement starting point.

Frameless Mirror Bracket Wall Measurement

Step 2

Measure the bottom of the mirror to the attached bracket / french cleat.

  • Measure where the bracket starts to make a bend, and then lays flat on the back of the mirror. This will provide an accurate placement and measurement for how the brackets are designed to work together.

Frameless Mirror Bracket Rear Measurement

Step 3

Using original center mirror marks, make another set of marks on the wall as reference for the wall bracket provided.

  • Using wall bracket provided, set the bracket with the bend facing upward and outward against the marks (line). Place the bracket on the marks at the bend, just like the above.
  • Mark and drill the 3 french cleat mounting holes. Note: Start with a pilot drill smaller than the clip mounting screw. If a wall stud resides, there will be no need for a larger hole to fit a wall anchor. Only the screw will be used. If no wall stud exists, move up to appropriate drill size listed on selected wall anchor package.
  • Secure the bracket with the provided hardware.

Frameless Mirror Bracket Wall Align

Step 4 – Final

  • Remove any painters tape and / or clean any wall marks that were made.
  • Hang mirror aligning wall and mirror brackets.

Frameless Mirror Bracket Final Install