Details: Dottus 3-Drawer Metal Shoe Cabinet

The Italian designed Dottus (catalog – page 4) metal shoe cabinet provides a slim and sleek shoe storage solution.

Have quick access to commonly worn shoes while keeping them inconspicuous, tidy, and protected. Use multiple cabinets in a modular layout for added storage.

Location Suggestions:
The slim design works great near entry doors without boxing the area in.

  • Wall-mount in a garage next to the entry door.
  • For spaces with limited storage, e.g. condo and apartment, wall-mount or stand on the floor near the entry door (still use mounting holes to secure to wall).
  • Multiple cabinets work well in a modular layout for maximum storage. Stack and place side-by-side.
Dottus Shoe Cabinet - 2 colors - modular layout

Product Highlights:

  • 20″ x 6″ x 41″ h
  • Textured epoxy coated metal structure, available in platinum or white. Easy to clean and durable.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Included are plastic bars – 1 per drawer – locking in on both sides to help secure shoes when the drawers are folded close.
  • A vertical metal bar connects all the drawers together, making all drawers open / close at the same time. Get access to all your shoes with one motion.
  • Quickly mounts with just two wall anchors. Hang on a wall, or set on a floor and use the wall anchors to secure the cabinet.

Note: Dottus makes several drawer configurations and finishes, but I’m only aware of the 3-drawer model being available to the U.S. market. The Container Store used to sell the 4-drawer Dottus shoe cabinet before being replaced by the 3-drawer model. Express your interest to The Container Store if you would like to more models available.

Shoes That Fit – There are Limitations

Each drawer is 12.5″ deep and stores the following:

  • Two pairs of men’s dress shoes up to size 10, per drawer.
  • Two pairs of men’s sneakers up to size 11, per drawer.
  • Two pairs of women’s dress shoes with heels and one pair of flats, per drawer.

When placing high heel shoes in the upright position, the extra height catches the back of the cabinet when opening and closing the cabinet drawers. This can lead to the drawers getting jammed.

Placing shoes with heels turned sideways, as shown, works better.

Shoes that fit in the Dottus shoe cabinet

What Not to Like

The vertical position of shoes when the drawers are closed allows sandals and flats to flop around the drawers. Why? These types of shoes don’t sit high enough to come in contact with the plastic crossbar, which helps holds shoes in place.

However, the shoes do stay inside each drawer, but if you’re like me – and want things in perfect order, you may find yourself aligning shoes more times than you’d like.