Buying Guide: Indoor Clotheslines and Drying Racks

Discover the different kinds of indoor clotheslines and drying racks that can be used as an alternative to hanging clothes over the tub, shower door frame, railings, etc., or combine an indoor clothesline or drying rack with these drying methods to increase indoor drying capacity.

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Retractable Multi-Line Indoor Clothesline

[Example Shown – Leifheit Rollfix 210]


A 4-line or 5-line retractable clothesline maximizes air drying capacity, yet, when not in use the clothesline retracts into a compact housing. Tensioning knob keeps clothesline taught.


Requires a space with a large floor that isn’t harmed by water. There are visible hooks or a mounting bar on the opposite wall when not in use.


Mount to wall studs, if possible, for maximum holding capacity. For hollow wall mounting, use the most heavy-duty wall anchors possible.

Retractable Single-Line Indoor Clothesline

[Example Shown – VDOMUS]


Can be mounted inline or side-by-side on the same wall to be used as a hand towel or washcloth holder.


Limited weight load and drying capacity (short line lengths that range from 6-10′).


Mount to wall studs, if possible, for maximum holding capacity. For hollow wall mounting, use the most heavy-duty wall anchors possible.

Retractable Heavy Duty Long Line Clothesline

[Example Shown – Household Essentials R-400]


A heavy-duty single retractable clothesline (40+ feet) can hold full loads of laundry, and any type of laundry. Can be used indoors or outdoors.


For indoor use, most spaces may limit expanding the full length of the line.


Mount to wall studs or a post secured in the ground. Not recommended to install on a hollow wall.

Laundry Drying Racks

[Example Shown – Leifheit]


Many laundry drying racks are free-standing and don’t require mounting. The lightweight material and ability to fold allows easy portability and storage. For a large enclosed laundry area, leave expanded for continuous convenience.

May fit in a shower stall or bathtub to catch dripping water.


Depending on the model, can take up considerable space when in use and requires storage space when not in use.

Additional Information

Unlike some other indoor clothes drying products that need to be purchased online, laundry drying racks are readily available at many local retailers, e.g. Target, Menards, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Leifheit has the most extensive line of drying racks (30+ models, not including limited edition colors) to best suite your living space and drying needs.

See also – Brabantia Drying Racks

Wall Mounted Drying Racks

[Example Shown – Ballard Designs]


Some models have shelves and hooks for extra storage. Can be incorporated as part of a rooms furnishing, compared to the industrial design of portable drying racks.


Limited drying area and requires mounting, preferably to wall studs.

Wall Mounted Rotary Dryer

[Example Shown – Brabantia Wallfix]

The Brabantia Wallfix is designed for outdoor use, but can be just as easily mounted in a basement or large laundry room. Mount to a solid wall (brick or concrete) or solid wood studs.


Maximum drying space. Great solution for condo patio areas.


Limited options for indoor use.


For maximum load capacity, mount to wood wall studs / post, or a solid wall (concrete or brick).

DIY Clothesline

For a simple and effective DIY indoor clothesline, mount eye lag screws between wall studs and attach a clothesline or rope equivalent. Parts are readily available at any home improvement store.

Create a simple DIY clothline with eye lag screws and rope

What to Know

  • For an outdoor clothesline, galvanized coated hardware will have better wet weather durability than zinc plating, but for indoor use, either coating is fine.(ref. Galvanized Plating vs Zinc Plating and About Fastener Materials for more information).
  • Choose the proper screw size and load limit, e.g. Hillman Group Lag Thread Screw Eye specifications.
  • We reached out to for some advice on a proper knot for tying off the ends of the rope to the lag screws and received the following suggestion, “The Buntline Hitch is a wonderful – small profile – trusty knot for securing rope to an eyelet. But in order to have a tight line, you kind of need an adjustable tightener knot on the other end, such as a Tautline Hitch“.