Comparing the Insty-Bit and Snappy 1/4-Inch Quick Change Drill Chucks

Having multiple drills and drivers requires extra storage…and adds to overall cost. But having the right drill attachments: costs less, uses less space, yet creates a very convenient all-in-one drill and driver.

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Insty-Bit Insty-Lok (80138)

Insty-Bit 80138 quick change 1/4-inch bit holder


Insty-Bit is headquartered in Minnesota, along with manufacturing. Tools include: quick-change adapters, quick-change extensions, hex shank drills, countersinks, and other drilling accessories.


The Insty-Bit Insty-Lok’s tapered design follows the shape of a standard drill chuck. The chuck has a very smooth operation when inserting and removing a power bit, and bit changes can be done with one hand.

  • Total Length: 2.28″
  • Head Diameter: .95″
  • Shaft Diameter: 11/32″
  • Material: Steel – Black Oxide


Regarding impact-readiness for the #80138, Insty-Bit says, “With our chuck, if you were driving 1-½” drywall screws with your impact drill you would have no problems with our chuck. However, if you were to put a ½” nutsetter and drive lag bolts into pressure treated wood with an impact drill, you would definitely run into issues.”

Snappy Quick Change (40011)

Snappy 40011 1/4-inch quick change bit holder


Snappy Tools is based in Texas and “proudly Made in the USA”.


Instead of a tapered design to match a drills chuck, the Snappy Quick Change Chuck follows the look of an impact driver with a snub nose design.

Snappy says “Our namesake is the “snap” that’s heard when a drill bit, driver bit or other tool is pushed into our patented quick change chuck.”

  • Total Length: 2.2″
  • Head Diameter: .92″
  • Shaft Diameter: 11/32″
  • Material: Steel – Black Oxide

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Change Chucks (products shown) insert into the jaws of a ⅜-inch and ½-inch power drill, and convert to a ¼-inch quick change chuck.

Quick Change Extensions have ¼” hex shafts and vary in length to extend the reach of a driver.

Chuck Conversion Tools convert a ¼” quick-change to a drill chuck with jaws.

A power bit (ball detent) bit is recommended.

A metal ball or wire inside the quick change chuck securely engages the deep groove at the end of the shank when the bit’s installed, which can’t happen with an insert bit that has a wire groove.

Phillips power groove bit