Haiku LED Garage Light
Garage & Workshop

Haiku Home LED Garage Light

Formerly known as the Big Ass Light, Big Ass Solutions launched their residential division in 2016 - Haiku Home. Shop Haiku Garage Light Going all out on creating an organized and appealing garage. These Haiku
Legrand adorne Series Switches

Legrand adorne Light Switches and Outlets

Legrand's adorne series of light switches, dimmers and outlets will definitely bring new life to those old boring switches you currently have. With styles ranging from paddle dimmers and sofTap dimmers to push switches and wave
Papay Designs Lighting

Papay Designs Handmade Light Fixtures

Marcus Papay is a California designer who came up with a Sinuous form for his lighting products. His company, Papay Designs, makes handmade light fixtures blending modern aesthetics with vintage style. You have options for floor,
Ion Mood Lighting

Ion Music Detecting Mood Lighting

Add a little flair to your home with the Ion Music Detecting Mood Lighting kit. The Ion device responds to music and is totally controllable via your smartphone. Whether you're looking to add ambiance to
Vibia RHYTHM Hanging Light

Vibia RHYTHM Hanging Lights

For high ceiling hanging light applications, make a statement of awe-inspiring elegance with Vibia lighting. The RHYTHM collection designed by Arik Levy is a pendant built from stick like modules and capable of numerous horizontal and vertical configurations. "Each
Vanity Bulb Discoloration

Keep Exposed Light Bulbs Dust-Free to Avoid Discoloration

Cleaning exposed vanity light bulbs frequently will prevent permanent discoloration of the bulb and those unsightly dark patches. If dust collection on top of light bulbs goes unattended for too long, the build-up, combined with the
Recessed Ceiling Lights
Fix & Install

Recessed Light Trim Removal and Replacement

In this video we'll completely cover how to remove and re-install recessed light trim for most 5" & 6" recessed light trim rings. Removal will allow: cleaning, ceiling painting, bulb replacement, bulb adjustment, and trim replacement.
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