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Uses of a pick-up retrieval tool and how they work

4-Claw grabber tool buying guide

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Uses of a pick-up retrieval tool and how they work

Uses of a pick-up retrieval tool and how they work

Eliminate the frustration and struggle of recovering items in tight spots.

A pickup retrieval tool may be better known in the automotive world to recover bolts, screws, and washers that have fallen in hard to reach areas, but there are plenty of uses in the household as well for these economical and specialty tools.

For any object that has fallen…gotten stuck behind…or under a very confined area, you will be greatly aided with a compact grabber tool for retrieval.

Many times over the years I’ve found these to be great go-to tools in recovering:

  • Laundry that has fallen behind washing machines and dryers, or furniture.
  • Batteries that have rolled under washing machines and dryers, or furniture.
  • Anything that may have fallen down a sink drain.
  • Keys or small toys between car seats.

Update: As of 2017, the Tekton tool brand has discontinued both their claw and magnetic retrieval tools.

Flexible Claw Pick-up

OEMTOOLS magnetic lighted pick-up tool 25209
OEMTOOLS magnetic lighted pick-up tool 25209 Mayhew 4-claw lighted pick-up tool 45046 Maxcraft 4-claw lighted pick-up tool 60184 OEMTOOLS 4-Claw lighted pick-up tool 25293

Brands Include:

Whatever brand is easiest to purchase should work fine considering the simple design and operation of these tools.

How To Use 4-Claw Models: Press the top knob while holding the grip with your index and middle finger. The claws will extend out and apart. Release the knob to collapse the claws, and grab hold of the object. Repeat Step 1 to free your object.

  • Flexible shaft.
  • Available in mini 4-claw lengths (1.5″).
  • Standard models range between 9″ and 36″ in length.
  • LED models available.
  • Combination of 4-claw and magnetic models available.
  • 4-claw models are good for non-ferrous items that magnetic models cannot attract.

Telescoping Magnetic Retrieval

Telescopic magnetic pick-up tool
Telescopic magnetic pick-up tool Tekton LED Telescoping Pick-up Tool 7610 Tekton telescoping pick-up tool 7601 General Tools telescoping pick-up tool 759398

Brands Include:

These telescoping magnetic pick-up tools can mimic the look and size of a pen when completely collapsed, but extend in increments of up to 2-feet or more when needed. This small, yet long, tool is great for retrieving batteries, screws, or any other ferromagnetic object that has rolled under or fallen into tight spaces.

Want a larger grip area and stronger magnet? There are models available to fill those needs too.

How To Use: Extend shaft to needed length for retrieval. Completely collapse shaft for easy storage.

  • Pocket clip.
  • LED models available.
  • Cushioned grip models available.
  • Swivel head models available.
  • Weight limit ranges from .5 – 15lbs.
  • Retrieve any ferrous metal object within the weight limit of that particular pick-up tool.
All products listed in this buying guide were chosen by DIY House Help based on independent research and analysis performed by our editors. However, not all products listed in this buying guide have been purchased and independently tested by our staff. When a retailer is listed, this is purely a suggestion for the convenience of our readers, but we are not obligated to endorse specific retailers. However, some of the links we provide throughout the site may earn us an affiliate commission when you decide to purchase.
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