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Review: Sola Cordinat Designer C80 Level

The Austrian based Sola level company makes high grade builder levels for the professional market, but their Cordinat C80 Designer Level may be that perfect all-in-on level you need as a homeowner.

This specific style of level is designed to bring efficiency and ease to wall mounted objects with multiple hanging points by doing these simple steps.

  1. With your tape ruler, measure and mark the center on the wall where your object will hang.
  2. Place the fixed center star of the Cordinat level on that mark.
  3. Based on the hanging points of your object, move the adjustable markers to their proper wall anchor locations and make those additional marks.

Now, all your wall decor, bath hardware, and wall mount tv hardware that fits within the dimensions of this level will be a breeze to hang. That’s always a plus for any DIY project!

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Sola Cordinat C80 Specifications:

  • 24″ = furthest on-center span for marking 2 consecutive holes
  • 31″ = maximum vertical rule measurement
  • Aluminum body
  • Acrylic vials
  • 4 adjustable slides
Sola Cordinat Designer Level Sliders

The Sola Cordinat level is handy for many common household hanging projects:

Mounting a Towel Bar

  1. Center the level on the towel bar.
  2. Slide the sliders over the mounting points.
  3. Transfer that information to the wall, creating level and perfect marks.
Sola Cordinat Level and Towel Bar Hanging

Hanging a Single Picture with D Ring Hangers

  1. Center the level on the picture frame.
  2. Slide the sliders over the D rings.
  3. Transfer that information to the wall, creating level and perfect marks.
Sola Cordinat Level and Single Picture Hanging

Hanging Multiple Pictures

If multiple pictures are to be hung. Lay the picture down with the backside facing up so the mounting points are visible.

  1. Create the gap you want between the pictures.
  2. Move the sliders to each pictures mounting point.
  3. Transfer that information to the wall, creating level and perfect marks.
Sola Cordinat Level and Multi Picture Hanging

Mounting Frameless Vanity Mirrors

Using the above information you can easily hang and install vanity mirrors that use mounting clips.

Learn more from our How-to Hang a Mirror tutorial.

Sola Designer Level and Mirror Clip Alignment
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