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Slide Charts and Conversion Tables for Quick DIY Project Figures

Even as voice recognition devices continue to improve our lives with simplicity of asking what we want to know; a physically handheld slide chart and conversion table can provide a vast amount of detailed information all at once, while taking up very minimal space.

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Great Innovations – The Ultimate Engineering Slide Chart

The Ultimate Engineering chart may provide a lot of information you may not need, but it also provides a lot of information for a homeowner that may surprise you as a need to know.

**Example: Something as simple as a bolt replacement does have strength standards, and this chart will show you how to read a bolt heads marking’s for its strength ability.

Overall Size: 8.75 x 11 x .06 inches
Material: Thick plastic covered with a protective film

Common Conversions:

  • Bolt Grades
  • Metric Drill Sizes
  • Fractional Drill Sizes
  • Unit Conversions
  • Amperage Conversion
  • Fractional to Decimal

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Empire Level 27551 sliding conversion chart back view

Empire Level 27551 Conversion Table

This Empire Tools conversion table contains all the fundamental information and conversions that can be useful in a household.

The fractional • decimal • metric equivalents table is very handy in itself.

Overall Size: 7 x 3.125 x .06 inches
Material: Thick plastic covered with a protective film

Common Conversions:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Area
  • Temperature
  • Fractional to Decimal

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