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Review: OLFA has a bigger and better selection of utility and snap-off blade knives

From crafts to home improvements, Olfa has a knife and blade combination to tackle your cutting projects.



Olfa Utility Knives and Cutters

I’ve used the typical utility knife for years, but at some point questioned whether there was something better, and in my view there is. I discovered Olfa cutting tools, and unlike traditional utility knives, the brand has a slew of cutters to choose from; each one allowing me to better match a particular cutting need.

  • At the core of the utility knives is a stainless steel blade channel, which is wrapped in varied handles across the 3 different sized knife options.
  • Find a large range of blades. Use the knife you have grown accustomed to and comfortable with, yet be able tackle differing cutting tasks with a simple blade change.
  • Snap-off blades allow longer intervals between blade changes, and when the need does come to change the blade, you’ll appreciate the no tool blade change design.
  • Choose the knife and blade lock combination that best suites you. (i) Safety auto retract » blade automatically retracts when not in use. (ii) Auto-lock » quick and efficient blade placement. (iii) Ratchet wheel » allows the blade to be placed specifically where you want, and no worries of accidental bumping of sliders(auto-lock) and blade movement.
WARNING: Olfa doesn’t recommend extending snap-off blades past each blade score. When doing deeper cuts, use solid blades, which are available for 9mm and 18mm knives.

These cutters prove useful during many projects

I put Olfa snap-off blade knives through numerous cutting experiments, along with using them on several of my own home improvement projects, and the range of Olfa knives and blades always perform amazingly.

  • Score and cut drywall
  • Score and cut foam board
  • Cut and trim plastic sheathing
  • Cut EPDM rubber gaskets
  • Cut rope to length

Find many more uses from the Olfa project section.

Olfa doesn’t limit you to one size fit’s all

The 9mm knives are ultra-compact and great for intricate cutting and package opening. These space-saving cutters are relatively inexpensive and so convenient that I have several of them throughout the house and garage. A minimal investment to always have a cutting tool on hand without wondering all over the house in search of.

The Olfa 18mm heavy-duty series offer a much lighter and slimmer body to the comparable standard utility knife.

Choose the 25mm knives for extra heavy-duty cutting.

Prefer the conventional style utility blades? Olfa has a selection of safety utility knives too.

Olfa vs Standard Utility Knife

Knife Size Comparison to Exact Scale

Standard-Duty (9mm blades)

OLFA describes their 9mm knives as “great for lighter cutting jobs such as packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials.”

  • Compact size takes up minimal drawer space, yet the bright yellow bodies are easy to locate.
  • 9mm snap-off blade refills have 13 blade segments to allow a fresh cutting blade in seconds without hampering work progress.
  • All models feature a stainless steel blade channel, no tool blade change, pocket clip and built-in blade snapper.

I find the 9mm knives to be the perfect lightweight, compact and safe cutting tool for purse and car compartment storage too.

OLFA 9mm snap-off knife features

Heavy-Duty (18mm blades)

OLFA describes their 18mm knives as “ideal for cutting everything from construction materials, including: drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring materials, insulation, and roofing materials. They feature heavy-gauge blade channels.”

  • Bright yellow bodies are easy to locate.
  • 18mm snap-off blade refills have 8 blade segments to allow a fresh cutting blade in seconds without hampering work progress.
  • All models feature a stainless steel blade channel and no tool blade change.

Check out Olfa’s article to help find the right 18mm blade for the job.

OLFA 18mm snap-off knife features

Extra Heavy-Duty (25mm blades)

OLFA describes their 25mm knives as “designed to efficiently cut through industrial materials like gaskets, fiberglass, laminates, leather and rope.”

  • Bright yellow bodies are easy to locate.
  • 25mm snap-off blade refills have 7 blade segments to allow a fresh cutting blade in seconds without hampering work progress.
  • Larger blades than ordinary utility knives.
  • All models feature a stainless steel blade channel and no tool blade change.

OLFA 25mm snap-off knife features

Safe Blade Disposal

Once the snap-off or solid blades are dull and no longer usable for cutting; OLFA offers several practical disposal containers to best accommodate your preference.

We also wrote about safe disposal of sharp objects that can easily be achieved with many empty food containers.

OLFA snap-off blade disposal containers

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