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Milwaukee and DeWALT Right Angle Hex Adapters Compared

Right Angle Hex Adapter Comparison
Milwaukee vs. DeWALT Right Angle Hex Adapters

When you do enough DIY home improvement projects, there is a likely chance that a right angle drill and driver will be needed in low clearance situations.

Our benchmark right angle driver, the Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver may not serve everyones needs. Instead of investing in a much more expensive right angle drill, which also requires larger storage space, look to these compact right angle adapters as a great accessory for your regular drill or 1/4-inch hex screwdriver. Plus, they’re much smaller than a full-size drill and driver, so you can fit into spaces even those right angle drill and drivers cant.

A few key points to know about the use of these right angle adapters:

  • There is no locking mechanism that allows these adapters to be used on their own. The free spinning 1/4″ hex input shaft must be turned by another tool.
  • Both hands are required. One hand on the adapter to hold it firmly to the fastener…and the other hand on the drill driver or screwdriver; contrary to what some of the manufacturer images may show with just a single hand.
NOTE: A common 1″ insert bit provides the lowest clearance with these right angle adapters, but they can also be used with longer power bits for various projects. Check each products rpm and torque ratings for bit and task compatibility.
TOOL TIP: To use these adapters for drilling, Insty Bit and Montana Brand make some convenient hex shank drill sets.
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Milwaukee Offset Drive Adapter (48-32-2100)

Speaking with a long time tool store owner I know, the Milwaukee 48-32-2100 is where the right angle hex adapters started.

Milwaukee says, “Use the power and speed of your Cordless Screwdriver to fasten or remove screws in light applications up to 400 RPM.”

  • Thumb flange goes around the adapter 360-degrees and allows 12 positions for best thumb placement.
  • Strong magnet securely holds bit.
  • Low width clearance head: 1.15″ without bit and 1.4″ with common 1″ insert bit.
  • Notched head allows another thumb placement.
  • Low rpm and torque rating.
  • Short body easily allows the lower part of your hand to make contact with the hex drive as it’s turning.

Thumb Flange Adjustment: Slide flange down Rotate handle to the desired position and set of notches Push back up


  • Overall Length: 5.435″
  • Head Width: 1.15″
  • Offset Angle: 105°
  • Weight: .43 lbs.
  • Material: Die Cast
  • Maximum RPM: 400
  • Maximum Torque: 100 in-lbs.
  • Bit Holder Type: Magnetic

**Check local home improvement stores for availability.
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Milwaukee Right Angle Drive Adapter 49-22-8510

Milwaukee Right Angle Attachment (49-22-8510)

The Milwaukee 49-22-8510 is a big step up from their 48-32-2100 model. With twice the weight of the other adapters in this list, the heavy-duty construction makes you feel confident in your purchase and the tools ability to perform.

  • Durable all metal housing and steel gears.
  • Quick release lock and magnetic bit holder.
  • 2.75″ long grab bar adjusts up and down as well as 360-degrees.
  • Online reviews rave about it’s impact durability, even though Milwaukee mentions no suggestion of impact readiness.
  • Cost is substantially more than all other right angle attachments.
  • With the widest head and protrusion of the quick lock bit mechanism (another .5″), this is the least compact adapter to fit into the smallest places.

Handle Angle Adjustment: Loosen handle Lift handle up or down to the desired position and set of notches Tighten handle

360-Degree Handle Rotation Adjustment: Loosen handle Lift handle to most upright position Rotate handle and collar to desired position Lower handle to desired angle and tighten


  • Overall Length: 6.2″
  • Head Width: 2″
  • Offset Angle: 90°
  • Weight: .9 lbs.
  • Material: Steel & Cast
  • Maximum RPM: 1750
  • Maximum Torque: 235 in-lbs.
  • Bit Holder Type: Magnetic & Locking

**Check local home improvement stores for availability.
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DeWALT Right Angle Attachment (DWARA50)

DeWALT offers their DWARA50 as an entry model into the right angle attachment market.

  • If you like the DeWALT brand, you have an attractive and useful accessory to add to your tool collection.
  • The plastic body and head combination provide a large area for comfortable hand grip and placement.
  • Weakest magnetic hold of all models listed.

1″ Insert Bit Removal: The DeWALT packaging shows the use of a pliers to grab hold of short bits for removal, but the magnet is so weak, I find using just my fingers an easy solution.


  • Overall Length: 5.95″
  • Head Width: 1.25″
  • Offset Angle: 90°
  • Weight: .39 lbs.
  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Maximum RPM: 3000
  • Maximum Torque: N/A
  • Bit Holder Type: Magnetic

**Check local home improvement stores for availability.
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DeWALT Impact Ready® Right Angle Attachment (DWARA100)

DeWALT classifies their DWARA100 right angle adapter as impact ready.

What’s the main difference between the DWARA50 and DWARA100 models? A response from DeWALT says, “The DWARA100 is just a heavier duty version of the right angle attachment plus the addition of the magnet.” But, unlike the very noticeable difference in weight and build quality between the two Milwaukee models, the DWARA100 is actually slightly lighter than the DWARA50 model.

  • Impact ready
  • Ring magnet securely holds bits, and when 1″ insert bits are used, the magnet is also close enough to the fastener to securely hold it as well.
  • Some reviews question the long term durability for impact use.

1″ Insert Bit Removal: Locate another fastener bit or drill bit shank Push through the access hole in the backside of the tool head to release short bits


  • Overall Length: 5.96″
  • Head Width: 1.4″
  • Offset Angle: 90°
  • Weight: .38 lbs.
  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Maximum RPM: 3000
  • Maximum Torque: N/A
  • Bit Holder Type: Magnetic Ring

**Check local home improvement stores for availability.
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