Make Safety a Top Priority with Little Giant Ladders

Little Giant Ladder System

If you’re a homeowner that needs and wants to do maintenance on your home, a ladder is on the must have supplies. And from my experience of owning several Little Giant Ladder products for several years now, I strongly believe their convertible style ladders should top your list.

I can’t express enough how re-assuring the safety factor is. If you don’t like the flimsy, unstable, and wobbly feel of other ladders, and don’t mind paying the extra to invest in an American made…. engineered….and manufactured product that delivers; check out Little Giant Ladders – the strongest, safest, most versatile ladders in the world.

NOTE: Keep in mind the amount of projects you may have to do, or have planned to do, as some of the convertible ladders can get heavy and cumbersome, depending on the model. Yes, they’re made from aluminum – but built and reinforced so well – the weight still adds up.
Little Giant step ladders in different sizes

Consider another smaller Little Giant ladder to pair up with one of the convertible ladders. For instance, a step stool that is more portable and compact for quick and/or light duty projects. Options may include the Safety Step Ladders or Flip-N-Lite. These ladders are much easier to transport, and allow easier use in small room projects, like closets and bathrooms.

The list of ladder accessories offered are rather ingenious and helpful too. The leg leveler really helps those off camber situations, and the add-on accessories can provide a lot of convenience while minimizing time and effort.

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