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How to Use a Contour Gauge

When you find yourself fitting tile, linoleum, door casings, moldings, railings, or any other piece of material that needs a precise template; look into using a contour gauge to help mold the shape. And these aren’t hard to find expensive tools. Any local home improvement store should carry models from Empire, General, or Johnson at a reasonable price.

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A contour gauge works by simply pressing the firm – but free moving – pins against the object you want to take shape of. You now have an accurate template for tracing the shape on the piece you need to cut and fit.

General tools pin contour gauge

The next step will require a jigsaw, bandsaw, coping hand saw, or router to complete the cut. Now, enjoy a perfectly fitted piece for your project!

Under Sink Tip Out Framing
Example – Under Sink Tip Out Framing
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