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Find the right high-tension hacksaw in our comparison guide



High-Tension Hacksaw Comparison and Buying Guide

A hacksaw, in general, is a versatile tool that can accomplish many cutting needs when the appropriate hacksaw blade is selected. You’ll be able to saw through all types of wood (plus tree branches), metal, and plastic based projects.

Stepping up to a high-tension hacksaw provides even better capabilities, and in some cases, more features compared to basic saw models offered by the same manufacturer.

  • A sturdier frame to remove flex; equating in easier, straighter, and more accurate cutting.
  • Option of a 45°-55° cutting angle along with the standard 90° cutting angle.
  • Want extra blade storage? Most of the models listed provide that feature.

**For local purchasing, home improvement stores should carry at least one of the hacksaw models listed. Also, check the parts department of electrical and plumbing supply stores for tool buying options.

Bahco 325 Professional

The Bahco 325 Professional Hacksaw with Ergo Handle impressed me so much during testing – I kept it in my personal tool collection.

This well-balanced hacksaw is true example of fundamental engineering done correctly.

  • One-piece body.
  • Rubberized grips.
  • Smooth and easy blade release lever and tension adjuster combination.

Bahco doesn’t incorporate any multi-tool features, but I don’t see the need for them.

Bahco 325 Professional Hacksaw With Ergo Handle

Lenox Tools HT50

The Lenox Tools HT50 High-Tension Hacksaw is a well-built saw that I’d happily put in my tool bag.

  • Weighs in on the lighter side of all the saws tested.
  • A reciprocating blade can be installed in the nose to create a jab saw. That same slot allows 5 additional blades to be inserted and stored in the I-beam frame.

Lenox Tools HT50 High-Tension Hacksaw

DeWALT 5-in-1

The DeWALT DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw is a great option when wanting a multi-purpose saw. All of the saw combinations can be assembled without any additional tools, which is really handy.

If the various saw attachments were never used, I still like the design and feel of this saw as a regular hacksaw.

DeWalt DWHT20547 5 in1 Multifunction Hacksaw

Stanley FatMax Hacksaw

The FatMax line of tools from Stanley have always delivered for the price – and the Stanley FatMax High Tension Hacksaw is no exception.

The single unique feature of this saw is the removable file inside the frame, which aids in putting a burr-free finish on your cut. Also allows a nose-mounted blade when needed.

Stanley FatMax® High Tension Hacksaw

Klein Tools Hacksaw

The Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw is an acceptable saw design from a company that makes quality electrical tools, but does have its drawbacks.

5 extra blades can be stored in the top tube through the plastic cover while a jab saw can be inserted through a slot in the nose piece.

My biggest complaint is the archaic blade tensioner. A small wingnut design that is very difficult to tighten by hand and slow to use.

Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw

Greenlee 333A Hacksaw

The Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw is an almost identical saw to the Klein model. The nose has a different design which creates a nice grip for alternative hand positions and different angles of cutting.

Like Klein, the front nose jab saw feature is independent of the extra blade storage, which makes using the jab saw more convenient than other saw models that share blade storage access through the same nose slot.

Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw

Nicholson Cushion Grip

The Nicholson Cushion Grip Hacksaw has more wrong than it does right. For blade installation and removal, you have to slide the top collar over the tensioner lever that you hold down with your thumb, which is a literal pain when trying to achieve maximum tension.

The front nose piece, which also serves as a separate jab saw, needs to be completely removed to access the internal blade storage.

Nicholson 12" Cushion Grip High Tension Hacksaw

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