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Hacksaw Blade Tooth Comparison
Hand Tools

Choosing the Correct Hacksaw Blade

By using the appropriate TPI hacksaw blade; your cuts will be quicker, cleaner, and more accurate. There are a few variations of hand hacksaws, but the most common will be the versions that use 10" or
High-Tension Hacksaw Buying Gudie
Hand Tools

High Tension Hacksaw Collation & Buying Guide

A hacksaw, in general, is a versatile tool that can accomplish many cutting needs when the appropriate hacksaw blade is selected. You'll be able to saw through all types of wood (plus tree branches), metal,
Sola C80 Cordinat Level
Hand Tools

Review: Sola Cordinat Designer C80 Level

The Austrian based Sola level company makes high grade builder levels for the professional market, but their Cordinat C80 Designer Level may be that perfect all-in-on level you need as a homeowner.
Tape Measure Types
Hand Tools

How to Use and Read a Tape Measure

There is much more a tape measure can do beyond measuring basic inches and fractions. With many built-in features a tape measure can simplify common framing measurements and aid in more complicated measuring and scribing
General Contour Gauge
Hand Tools

How to Use a Contour Gauge

When you find yourself fitting tile, linoleum, door casings, moldings, railings, or any other piece of material that needs a precise template; look into using a contour gauge to help mold the shape. And these
Steel Rules
Hand Tools

Incremental Steel Rules Uses and Buying Guide

Incremental rules, also known as machinist or precision rules, can make small, precise, and close-quarter projects easier to measure. Shop Stainless Rules I initially started using steel rulers for their most common use, in a
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