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Review: Channellock 13 ‘N 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver

I came across the CHANNELLOCK® 13 ‘N 1 ratcheting all-in-one screwdriver in a local tool house and thought, “this is the first brilliant multi-bit driver worth buying”. And, my initial instincts were right.

I could see both a homeowner and professional being able to handle most of their driving needs with the provided 12 driver tips, along with the 1/4″ hex shaft as the thirteenth driver tip. All tips seem to be have been carefully chosen for very common size fastener heads.

During testing, I was stumped to find where I couldn’t do something with this all in one driver when it came to removal or inserting of a screw. Of course a solid screwdriver always comes in handy for those random prying needs, but that’s the only disadvantage any interchangeable bit screwdriver has in my opinion.

An interesting, yet welcomed fact when doing research for this article, I came to realize that MEGAPRO makes the driver for CHANNELLOCK. After viewing the MegaPro site, I wish I knew about all their great drivers years ago. I no longer need to grab a handful of drivers for most of my projects anymore.

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What makes the CHANNELLOCK 13 ‘N 1 a great screwdriver:

  • Solid construction and feel
  • Convenient and user-friendly 6 bit pull-out…free spinning…carousel bit holder
  • 3 position head- (i) ratchet forward (ii) ratchet reverse (iii) locked
  • Comfortable grip
  • 225 lbs. torque allows even the most difficult fasteners to be removed and inserted

**Dimensions: Overall Length = 8.75″ / Handle Length (minus locking collar) = 4.75″

6 double-sided tips and the 1/4″ hex shaft make up the standard 13 ‘N 1 drive options
Square Screw HeadSquare Tip Phillips Screw HeadPhillips Tip Slot Screw HeadSlot Tip Torx Screw HeadTorx Tip
#1 #0 #4 #10
#2 #1 #6 #15
#2 #20
#3 #25

What type of bits are used and are replacements easily found?

Channellock 13n1 Replacement Bits

The standard bits are 2″ long – 1/4″ hex ball lock. You could use non ball lock bits, but they will not remain secure if the screwdriver is tipped downward.

The pressure fitted ball lock bits are the only negative I can think of. Like most bits of this design, the bit is not completely secured in the driver and can remain in screw heads at times. OEM replacement bits available at amazon.

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