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Review: Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver

Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver many uses

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Review: Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver

Review: Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver

The Bosch 12V MAX I-Drive has been my preferred driver for many years when working on light-duty projects. The low rpms, low torque, and 7 position clutch makes the driver very easy to control, while avoiding to over-drive a fastener.

If you intend to do: extensive framing, major deck work, or hard material drilling, you will have to consider another tool for your budget. Otherwise, for both homeowners and professionals alike wanting a very user-friendly tool, this driver will meet your demands.

There’s a lot to like!

Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver review

Controlled power. Rotating head. Lightweight. The MAX I-Driver’s versatility makes it the perfect go-to driver in the garage or home. Quickly remove automotive covers and panels. Assembling that new piece of furniture will take a a fraction of the time compared to a manual driver. When there’s maintenance, upgrades, and light-duty construction to perform involving a fastener, your I-Driver will be sure to deliver a needed helping hand.

  • Compact – 11.5″ with head positioned inline with body. Head is only 3-5/8″ wide when positioned at 90-degree.
  • 90-Degree articulating head – Rotates and locks into five positions for increased versatility.
  • Driver and drill – 1/4″ quick change hex locking chuck that can be used for driver bits and hex based drill bits.
  • Reliable – For personal home use, this drill should hopefully last you many years, as it has for me.
  • Cost-effective – With the many jobs that can be achieved, cost is easily justified.

**For drilling purposes. Brands like Snappy or Insty Bit make 1/4-inch hex base bits that can be bought in convenient sets with storage cases.

Lithium Ion
in lbs.
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w/ battery

Take on small jobs of all kinds.

Bosch states their I-Driver “drives 100 x 3 in. screws per battery charge”. When using common #10 – 3″ long framing screws, we found this statement to be true enough. Results will vary based on overall life of battery and materials used. Need to drill a few holes? Using a 1/4″ wood bit; I was able to drill drill several dozen 3″ deep holes in dry pine. Smaller diameter drill bits will allow even more use per battery charge.

**Dry and soft lumber is key to the capabilities listed. Wet wood or hardwood of any kind highlights the low torque (80 in. lbs.) immediately, and will have you looking for a more powerful driver.

Bosch 12V MAX I-Driver many uses

Great for many tasks, but not all.

Limited by low torque and rpms. The I-Driver will fail to deliver when attempting heavy-duty projects that require a tool with much more oomph. Hit a knot in the wood and the I-Driver will be stopped dead in it’s tracks. Even a small 3/8″ spade bit will quickly be halted. You’re limited to 1/4″ and smaller drill bits.

Use a Bosch power drill for continuous heavy-duty work

The aforementioned were done using the most extreme uses for a drill driver of this type. There are dozens of much lighter duty projects where the I-Driver shines regularly, and all those many light-duty projects are what this tool should be considered for.

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