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Blair Equipment Metal and Plastic Hole Cutters

Blair Equipment metal hole cutters

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Blair Equipment Metal and Plastic Hole Cutters

Blair Equipment Metal and Plastic Hole Cutters

The Blair Equipment hole cutters cut a clean and perfect hole in metal or plastic.

I came across the Blair equipment metal hole cutters for an automotive metal project I was working on and was sold on what a great product they were once I put them to use. My experience is just like what their product demo videos showcase – quick, clean, and very precise holes. These are properly designed tools for those that have zero tolerance working with poorly engineered and subpar tools.

Over time I discovered these hole cutters have also been a great solution to random home projects as well. Not only do they cut metal, you can use them on plastic too. This is where I’ll let you use your imagination on the possibilities, as I have.

Sure, these tools aren’t cheap if just for the rare and odd DIY project, but considering the quality and longevity, you may just get a lifetime of use. With that in mind, and having a reliable go-to tool, the decision is an easy one for me.

Fast…Burr Free Holes

Whether a: farmer, rancher, welder, fabricator, hobbyist, or countless other jobs that require the need for metal hole cutting; why use a tool that produces substandard work, and possibly more costs in the long run?

Rotobroach Cutters

Blair Equipment rotobroach metal hole cutter fractional kit 11090
Blair Equipment rotobroach metal hole cutter fractional kit 11090 Blair Equipment Rotobroach individual metal hole cutters

  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic
  • Cuts up to a 1/2″ thick material
  • Use in hand-held drills or drill presses
  • Patented tooth geometry prevents chip clogging
  • Fractional and metric versions
  • Available individually or in kits

Blair Equipment describes their Rotobroach Cutters as “Annular tools cut clean, burr-free, round holes fast, unlike twist drills that push or hole saws that tear thru materials. Because they’re hollow, they cut around the edge of the hole, so less work is required and no deforming of material or jagged edges occur. Multiple cutting teeth are precision ground instead of stamped like hole saws, give long tool life.”

I find these Rotobroach cutter kits to be a great addition to any toolbox as a great universal hole cutter. Even the average home improvement DIY’er or hobbyist may find they require the random need of a hole cutter for:

  • Metal or plastic pots needing drainage holes.
  • Homemade bird feeder using plexiglass needs a clean and burr free feeding hole installed.
  • The use in crafts and DIY projects is endless.

**Made in USA
**All Rotobroach cutters require the use of an appropriately sized arbor sold by Blair Equipment.

Spotweld Cutters

Blair Equipment premium spot-weld cutter kit 11096
Blair Equipment premium spot-weld cutter kit 11096 Blair Equipment carbide and double-ended metal spot-weld cutters

  • Super fast cutting action
  • Precision ground tooth geometry
  • Use in hand-held drills or drill presses
  • Cutter RPM should not exceed 500 RPM
  • Available individually or in kits

The Spotweld Cutters are perfect for that automotive restoration project. There are 2 different types of spot-weld cutters available.

**Made in USA

Solid Spotweld Cutters – Removes spot-welds in Boron and other UHSS.

**Can be used in any handheld drill without special attachments.

Premium and Double-Ended Spot-weld Cutters – Removes spot-welds by cutting around the spot-weld and leaving the underlying panel undamaged, the damaged panel can quickly be taken off. The panel can be repaired and welded back on or a new panel be put back on using the spot-weld cutters to make plug holes for welding.

**Requires the use of an arbor sold by Blair Equipment.

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