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A wall-mounted garage vacuum provides car cleaning convenience and much more



Wall-mounted garage vacuum buying guide

You can go to any local home improvement store and purchase a wet dry vacuum, e.g. Craftsman, Vacmaster VWM510, and the well known Shop-Vac brand.

Sure, these types of vacuums have their cleaning purposes and are more economical than the models mentioned in this article. However, the following wall-mounted garage vacuums are a better option for their intended cleaning duties. We’ll explain why that is and why spending the extra money is worth the investment.

Having a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner is another step in having a organized garage. You now have ease of use to keep the interior of your car clean, bench tops void of messes and garage mats free of dirt buildup. And, select models can allow several other tasks to be accomplished too.

  • Models with a blower port can be used for leaf and debris cleanup. With smaller units having lightweight portability.
  • When it’s time to clean window screens, attach the brush to remove the large debris and majority of the dust before using a wet wipe for final cleaning. This also keeps your house vacuum tools from getting too dirty and possibly transferring that grime to your interior furnishings.
  • Do you have inflatable pools, toys, balls, etc? Certain brands and models provide the necessary attachments to make inflating painless. Reverse the process with the vacuum to easily deflate and store those same items.
  • Is your kitchen near the garage door? The long hoses, along with wand and brush cleaning tools, allow you to keep your refrigerator coils clean for best efficiency.

Vacuum Cleaner Terms

There are some important terms to know (e.g. amps, hose type, cfm) to help make a better overall buying decision.

What Makes a Good Garage Vacuum

The following vacuums use crush-proof hoses, like the ones on a typical indoor vacuum cleaner. These are much softer, more flexible, and are smaller in diameter compared to common wet dry vac hoses. You want the rigid and larger hoses for large, and possibly sharp, debris cleanup. But you don’t want these hoses scraping against your car, and being so stiff, these hoses are much more difficult to maneuver.

Many of the vacuums come with long lengths of hose, which means you can keep the vacuum on the wall and still reach where needed. Although, the vacuums may easily lift off the wall bracket when needed.

The vacuums come supplied with cleaning tools to be more gentle and specific for car interiors. Some brands and models also have adapters to help with inflation of toys, exercise equipment, etc.

Compared to wet dry vacs, the H20 lift and blower CFM is substantially greater.

Quick Reference Comparison

Vacuum Company
Garage Vac
Garage Vac Pro
Garage Vac
Garage Pro
Amps Varies per model 12 15 12 10 12
Capacity Varies per model 7 gallons 7 gallons 1 gallon 5 gallons 4 gallons
Filtration Disposable foam disc HEPA HEPA 5-layer bag Re-usable cloth disc Re-usable cloth disc
Wet Use No No No No No Yes
Hose Length Varies per model 30′ or 50′ 30′ or 50′ 8′ to 40′ 30′ 32′
H20 Lift / CFM Varies per model 95″ / 138 138″ / 137.5 100″ / 110′ N/A N/A
Blower Port Varies per model Yes Yes No No Yes
Colors Gloss Black, Polished Stainless Gunmetal, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Black Gunmetal, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Black Red, Black, White, Green Gunmetal Stealth Metallic Gray
Warranty 1 year 5 years 5 years 6 years + 3 years 2 years
Avg. Retail Varies per model $229 $295 $199.50 $155.55 $179.99

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner, Co.

Vac N Blo Compact Wall Mount VNB4AFBR

SPECS Amps Varies per model Capacity Varies per model Filtration Foam Disc Wet Use No Hose Length Varies per model Hose Type Crush-proof H20 Lift/CFM Varies per model Blower Port Varies per model Warranty 1 year Made in USA

The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. was the first brand I came across when shopping for a wall-mounted garage vac to replace a wet dry vac. I settled on the Vac N Blo® Jumbo, which has been 100% reliable and effective.

With that said, all the models listed appear to be great vacuums and receive high ratings. I suggest looking at the dimensions, hose port locations, and all those type of details to see what may be best for your needs.

The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. “American Dream” story began in 1939, launching several products over the decades, leading to a dedicated line of vacuum cleaners for car use, starting in 2008.

The Vac N Blo® models come with an abundance of tools for complete car detailing. And as the name suggest, they vacuum and have a blower port.

The hose lengths and types vary amongst the models. E.g. The Vac N Blo® Compact Wall Mount uses 2 x 6ft. hoses, while the Vac N Blo® Pro Commercial Series is provided with a single 30ft. commercial quality car wash hose. Additional sections of hose can be purchased separately.

With so many models available, I suggest visiting their site for a full product comparison.


Wall-mount garage vacuum by VacuMaid

SPECS Amps 12/15 Capacity 7 gallons Filtration HEPA Wet Use No Hose Length 30′ or 50′ Hose Type Crush-proof H20 Lift/CFM 95″/138 Blower Port Yes Warranty 5 years Made in USA

Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc. (LMI), parent company name for VacuMaid, is one of the leading manufacturers of central vacuum systems worldwide and offers a dedicated garage vacuum that’s available in two models, GV and the GVPRO. Both are identical in nearly every way, with the GVPRO having a stronger and more industrial motor.

A single piece 30′ hose is standard with the option to upgrade to a 50′ hose.

The vacuum uses a disposable HEPA bag, which needs replacing when full, but with a 7 gallon capacity, there should be fairly large intervals between bag changes.


InterVac Surface and Flush Mounted GarageVac

SPECS Amps 12 Capacity 1 gallon Filtration 5-layer Bag Wet Use No Hose Length 8′ to 40′ Hose Type Stretch Crush-proof H20 Lift/CFM 100″/110 Blower Port No Warranty 6 years +

InterVac states, “InterVac products are engineered for peak performance and every Made in the USA InterVac product is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory.”

The hoses for each model listed stretch to a degree, but the InterVac hose is only 8′ standard, then stretchable to 40′. This makes the shorter hose easier to store. A positive. On the other hand, this design will create greater resistance as you pull, won’t lay flat, but will want to recoil.

The surface mount model is only 5-1/8″ deep. Then there is the flush mount model for an even cleaner look. The problem I see with the flush mount model? It’s only cleaner if the hose isn’t stored on the vacuum. With the hose hanger and hose, you’re back to protruding off the wall the same overall distance as the surface mount model. So, not sure what is gained? Maybe I’m missing something?

Hoover GUV

Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum

SPECS Amps 10 Capacity 5 gallons Filtration Re-usable Cloth Disc Wet Use No Hose Length 30′ Hose Type Crush-proof H20 Lift/CFM N/A Blower Port No Warranty 3 years

The Hoover GUV ProGrade garage vacuum provides all the essentials to keep your garage, work area, and auto’s clean. The included caddy ensures all your vacuum tools are organized and easily accessible.

Only comes with the single piece 30′ crush-proof hose with no option to upgrade.

Bissell Garage Pro

Bissell Garage Pro Wet and Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner

SPECS Amps 12 Capacity 4 gallons Filtration Re-usable Cloth Disc Wet Use Yes Hose Length 32′ Hose Type Crush-proof H20 Lift/CFM N/A Blower Port Yes Warranty 2 years

The Bissell Garage Pro Wet Dry Canister Vacuum has a semi-translucent dirt tank with an LED Full Water Tank Indicator. No more guessing about how full the vacuum is or losing performance from nearing full capacity.

There are a few advantages over the other models on this list. This vacuum has wet vacuuming capabilities and is bagless, which saves in additional maintenance costs. Just wash out the 4-gallon tank when too dirty.

A re-usable primary filter aids in filtration, while a secondary filter option helps capture even more debris.

All products listed in this buying guide were chosen by DIY House Help based on independent research and analysis performed by our editors. However, not all products listed in this buying guide have been purchased and independently tested by our staff. When a retailer is listed, this is purely a suggestion for the convenience of our readers, but we are not obligated to endorse specific retailers. However, some of the links we provide throughout the site may earn us an affiliate commission when you decide to purchase.
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Review: Bosch Power Box 360 Jobsite Radio

A radio designed with a rugged environment in mind and packed full of multi-tasking features.



Bosch Power Box 360 jobsite radio review

The Bosch Power Box 360 Jobsite Radio is built with a muscular exoskeleton of sorts to withstand the abuses of a jobsite. Add in the many features and striking appearance, and you have a radio that can appeal to many situations. With such a lengthy list of positives, Bosch seems to have a clear winner. Or do they?

The Bosch PB360 drew my interest for a few specific reasons:

  1. When having several Bosch batteries, could the PB360 be used as a short term portable generator, supplying power to the 120V power outlets? Read on for the answer!
  2. When in the market for a jobsite or shop radio, the stylish Power Box radio easily tops a list. It screams durability and coolness.

Bosch PB360D vs. PB360S vs. PB360C

This review is based on the Power Box 360D and 360S models, which are discontinued, but may still be available, and replaced by the 360C. However, many of the main features remain the same.

The PB360D (deluxe) radio includes all the features of the PB360S, while adding a few more options.

  • Remote control
  • Sirius radio compatibility
  • GFCI rated 120v outlets

As mentioned the PB360C is the latest Power Box radio, which addresses ever changing technology and a few other details.

What’s changed with the most recent PB360C model, compared to the older PB360D and PB360S?

  • GFCI outlets (deleted)
  • 12V DC Outlet (deleted)
  • 12V DC Fuse (deleted)
  • SD/MMC – MP3, WMA Compatible – Card Port (deleted)
  • Line Out Port (deleted)
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for internet radio and stored music with range of up to 150 feet has replaced the plug-in ports for mobile devices. (added)


Having a radio on the jobsite has made quite the transformation. We have gone from small – lightweight radios that could tune in your favorite channels…to the multi-tasking behemoth you see in this article.

  • 14.5″ x 14″ x 13.5″
  • 24.2 lbs. (bare radio, no battery or accessories)

The Power Box 360 Jobsite Radio incorporates a brawny cage and shock absorbing design to keep the radio and internal components separated from impacts.

Radio / Tuner

Bosch PB360 Radio Tuner

The radios 20 FM / 10 AM Presets are probably more than any user may need, but better than not having enough.

Reception? Finding a strong signal wasn’t any better…or worse…than all the radios I have had over the years. Get too far inside the walls of a home or building, and reception is gone. Stay near exterior windows or have the radio outside, the reception is fine. There is a short (5″) swivel based antenna that tucks neatly away, or can be revealed and adjusted for reception.

The tuner dial isn’t the quickest to scroll through frequencies. I’ve had radios that could span the entire frequency range with a quick spin or two of the dial. The PB360 tuner dial can be turned as fast as you want, but the speed never changes from it’s very slow click-by-click setting.


Bosch PB360 Subwoofer

For a portable jobsite and shop radio, the 4.5″ subwoofer is substantial, and does provide ample bass.

4x speakers surround the top portion of the radio housing for 360° sound.

Volume has a scale of 1 – 20; noticeable distortion begins around the 12-15 mark, depending on music and media type, but still loud enough to annoy any nearby neighbors.

The sound can be fined tuned with 5 Preset Equalizer settings, along with separate Bass & Treble controls.

Digital Media Bay

Bosch PB360 Media Bay

SD Memory  Cards – MP3 & WMA files will be recognized whether in folders or uncategorized. The radio doesn’t recognize individual folders though. All the songs will be listed in order from 1 – to – however many songs are on the card.

USB – Will charge small devices from the AC power or Bosch Lithium-Ion battery.

Apple products compatibility – I couldn’t get any of my Apple products to work with the PB360 and it’s features, and this seems to be a hit or miss from other reviews I have seen. Wanting to use as an emergency back-up to charge an iPhone, or power an iPad in case of an extended power outage? Not an option!

  • iPod won’t connect and play music through the radio
  • USB port won’t acknowledge and charge an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

My Nikon point-and-shoot camera connected and charged from the USB port with no problem. I just can’t think of why I would ever need to to charge my pocket camera via the radio.

Note: I haven’t purchased and tested the latest PB360C model to confirm if Apple product compatibility is more stable through the USB and if Bluetooth is 100% effective.

AUX 1, AUX 2, and Line Out – With the emergence of bluetooth and other technology, I tossed my converters for these ports some time ago, and was unable to test.

12V Outlet & 120V Power Outlets

Bosch PB360 with 4 Power Outlets

The PB360 is not a generator that can supply power to the power outlets from the battery pack. The PB360 only supplies power when plugged into 120v AC power.

Did I expect to work on a jobsite all day and operate power tools? No! But, I was hoping to plug in a Bosch 18V FatPack battery and power my strobes for a handful of remote location photographs, charge a phone if need be, or run some small corded power tools for a short time if I needed portable power.

Not having cordless portable power negated the need for me to have outlets on the Bosch Power Box. My shop is swarming with outlets to plug into, and I already have a heavy duty extension cord with a multiple outlet end for jobsites, which is rated for 15A, compared to the 10A outlets the radio provides.

AC Outlets = 10A
DC Outlets = 1A (fused for protection – replaceable)

Battery Pack

Bosch PB360 Battery Port

A compatible Bosch Lithium-Ion battery only powers the radio and digital media ports when not plugged into a 120V outlet.

When the unit is plugged into a power outlet and a Bosch battery is inserted into the battery bay, you’ll notice:

  • The LCD will display the “CHARGING” ICON on the front of the unit. This indicates the battery pack is charging.
  • When the word “CHARGING” next to the battery ICON disappears, charging is complete.

Note: The battery bay also includes a small door that houses 2 AA batteries, which are needed to keep current time when unit is not plugged in.


The Bosch Power Box 360 Jobsite Radio is bold, rugged, has premium sound when comparing portable radios, plays music in a variety of ways, and puts a lot of features into one package. My problem was finding an admiration and use for this all-in-one device that fit my lifestyle and needs.

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How to build the ultimate garage air station

Having the right air compressor and accessories will provide the ability to do a variety of jobs.



Makita Air Compressor with Flexeel Air Hose and Reelcraft Hose Reel

When owning a home long enough there’s a chance you’d like a do-over for several product purchases and home improvements. I know I have my list of buyers remorse, but building an air station is one of the better investments I’ve made. Besides the usual compressor oil maintenance (interval changes can be found in the compressor’s owners manual), purchasing a quality compressor and accessories has provided me with years of trouble-free use that goes way beyond keeping my car tires properly inflated.

  • Dust a cars interior vents and hard to reach places as a more aggressive dusting process to only wiping with a cleaning cloth or swiffer pad.
  • I have a garage vacuum with a blower port, which works great for cleaning the garage floor, but an air compressor works better for the bench and and other areas that need a more focused and higher psi of air. e.g., cleaning sawhorses and tools after cutting projects.
  • For any household furnishing or electronic that requires compressed air for cleaning; quit wasting money on air cans. Take the item to the garage or if you have a long enough air hose, just pull the hose throughout the house, adjust the compressor regulator, and get to work. E.g. part of my Spring cleaning is opening up all the windows and blowing out the window sills.
  • After washing your car, blow the standing water from mirrors and lights so you don’t get water run marks after all that hard work.
  • Inflate toys, exercise equipment, large amounts of balloons, portable pools or whatever.
  • For DIY building projects, a hand-carry compressor is suitable for air nailers.
  • Use an air sprayer to put a professional finish on furniture restoration, paint a fence or your whole hose.

There are quite a few tasks that can be accomplished with an air compressor – the extent of these jobs will depend on the type of air compressor and accessories, which we go into detail below.

Air Compressor Accessories

There are some air compressor combo kits, but for the most part compressors are sold individually and you’ll need to buy all the needed accessories and tools. But this is a good thing, you can pick and choose the accessories that suite you. If you don’t want a compressor combo kit, but also don’t want to personalize each accessory, you have a third option in compressor accessory kits that will include all the basics, and are readily available at any local home improvement store.

Parts for a complete air station

Main components needed for a complete air station.

Air Hose
After the compressor, an air hose will be the next main component needed. There are enough air hose choices to cause confusion, so we reached out to a leading air hose manufacturer to add their credentials for clarification.

Deciding factors would be CFM or flow requirements necessary for the application and simply how long of a hose you need. For all of the tasks you mention and 98.9% of all applications one would have in their home garage, a 1/4″ I.D. air hose would supply plenty of air.
Coilhose Pneumatics

That takes care of hose sizing, now you just need to choose between a traditional rubber or polyurethane air hose, which depends on what kind of possible chemical exposure the hose will be subjected too, and / or what kind of extreme temperatures the hose may be used in.

Wondering about the hose in the featured image and my personal choice? I went with a 1/4″ I.D. x 50ft. flexeel straight hose. Why? My initial purchase was based on the lightweight polyurethane material used, which is also easy to wipe clean, and the many colors available helped me coordinate my setup. The remainder of the decision is explained in the hose reel section. Long term regular use of the tasks mentioned in this article has proven the flexeel hose to be 100% reliable and durable, while more than adequate for any quick inflation needs as well as operating trim air nailers, and everything in-between. Just as the Coilhose Pneumatics rep confirmed.

Fittings and Tools
A compressor will have quick connect couplers installed as part of the package and some hoses can be bought with quick connect fittings already attached too. As mentioned earlier, compressor accessory kits will include common fittings, otherwise you’ll need to purchase individual fittings to connect a leader hose and tool accessories, including air powered tools.

Also, make sure to match the right sized fittings to your compressors couplers and throughout all your accessories. E.g., a 1/4″ MPT connector needs a 1/4″ FPT coupler. And, don’t forget to buy a role of thread seal tape for all the threaded fitting connections.

Two very useful and common air compressor tool accessories will be the blow gun and air chuck, including one of my favorites, the Milton Dual Head Inflator Gauge (# S-506). This particular inflator has a built-in liquid filled pressure gauge that reads between 10-160 psi, the dual head chuck ensures any car wheel and valve combination can be fitted, and is made in the USA. This is the type of tool you’ll see in professional shops and should last a lifetime.

Hose Reels
Keeping an air hose sprawled across the garage floor is a tripping hazard, and if you don’t like chaos, you’ll definitely want an organized and compact solution. A coiled hose is one answer to having a more closely-packed hose, or you can hand roll a straight hose after every use and drape it over the compressor. I did the hand rolling for a few years, but eventually that got tiring.

If you have the means, a hose reel combined with a straight hose is optimal and the setup used in many commercial applications. High quality brands include, Coxreels and Reelcraft. A hose reel can be purchased in several mounting configurations to conveniently attach to a wall stud, ceiling stud, or thick bench top.

Another deciding factor in purchasing an air hose depends on the hose reel. I had to consider my budget and space constraints. Obviously, the larger the diameter and the longer the hose, the bigger the hose reel. The answer for me was the Reelcraft 5400 OLP. This reel permitted me to buy and install my own hose – allows a generous 50ft. of hose – yet needed to fit between my compressor and underside of a Gladiator workbench, where I wanted to mount the reel.

I was also very impressed by Coxreels, who have a helpful hose reel selector guide. Honestly, I chose Reelcraft as the red color blended better with my Makita compressor. I’m a stickler about details.

Eventually I had a few projects that required more than 50ft. of hose (a hose reel will not allow the full length of hose to be unwound – expect to lose approximately 3-5ft. of overall hose length). Sure, my Makita compressor is portable, but the hose reel with the hose is not. No problem, I just bought a 25ft. length of the same flexeel hose for those very random projects, giving me a total of 75ft. and I don’t need to move my compressor around either. The 25ft. of hose barely gets used, so manually winding it up and storing it isn’t a concern like the main air hose. I went to my local Home Depot and picked up a Velcro Brand One-Wrap strap to keep the hose wound when stored.

Leader Hose
If you choose a hose reel, you will need a leader hose to connect the compressor to the reel. These are one of the parts you may need to buy and attach couplers and connectors to the threaded end fittings. E.g. in the featured image setup, I needed to purchase a leader hose with 3/8 NPT(M) threaded end fittings to fit the Reelcraft 5400 inlet, then purchase a 3/8 NPT(F) to 1/4 FPT(M) connector to attach the opposite end of the leader hose to the compressors 1/4″ quick-connect outlet.

Hand-Carry Air Compressors

At the bare minimum, you’ll need a compressor with an air tank. The 12V portable compressors won’t allow enough sustainable pressurized air beyond slow inflation.

A hand-carry compressor will have a capacity of around 6 gallons or less and can plug into a common 120v outlet. These types of compressors are the best choice for homeowners when considering cost, size, usefulness and portability. Depending on your wants and needs, carefully compare smaller tank compressor (1-gallon) specs to that of a larger tank (6-gallon) compressor. E.g. a 6-gallon tank compressor will have a higher tank reserve for longer continuous use before needing to recycle, but can cost substantially more and weigh twice as much.

Brands Include: Briggs & Stratton Makita, Bostitich, DewaltPorter Cable, Powermate, Campbell Hausfeld, Hitachi, Ingersoll Rand, and Craftsman.

Hand carry single tank and pancake style air compressors

Uses: These class of air compressors have the ability to tackle just about any home job minus automotive pneumatic tools. Air tools for automotive use will require a bigger tank capacity and quicker recycle time for adequate CFM.

  • Tire inflation.
  • Sports ball inflation.
  • Cleaning (cracks & crevices, window sills, auto engine bays, auto vents, appliance coils, benchtops).
  • Inflate balloons. Models with regulators are especially useful for jobs like this, I find 40-50 psi to be a good level.
  • Air nailers for building purposes.
  • Blowing water or moisture out of small unwanted areas.

Wheeled and Stationary Air Compressors

When I was younger and doing a lot of car modifications and maintenance, having a large stationary compressor was part of the dream garage. I imagined a tool chest full of automotive air tools, and possibly an air powered portable car lift and tire changing machine. My goals and dreams are a little different these days, but maybe others still share my previous aspirations.

For home garage use that offers a bit more than many of the hand-carry compressors, a wheeled 8 to 20-gallon air compressor is a nice upgrade, while still being able to be plugged into a standard 15A / 120V outlet. For the ultimate in compressors, you’ll need to provide 240V for that dream garage.

Brands Include: BelAirePowermateCampbell HausfeldIngersoll RandCraftsman, and Mi-T-M.

Wheeled and Stationary Air Compressors

Uses: These compressors will handle any of the tasks mentioned for hand-carry compressors, plus operate all pneumatic automotive tools.

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Haiku Home LED Garage Light

Formerly known as the Big Ass Light, Big Ass Solutions launched their residential division in 2016 – Haiku Home.



Haiku LED garage and shop light

Going all out on creating an organized and appealing garage. These Haiku Home garage lights would be a great addition for your lighting needs.

The award-winning design speaks for itself in appearance and specifications:

  • Heavy-duty anodized extruded aluminum single-piece body, which also serves as a heat sink. Yes, LED’s do produce heat.
  • LED’s emit a whopping 13,000 lumens…5000k temperature…and have an estimated 150,000 operating hours lifespan.
  • With a compact design (23.1 in L x 9.18 in. W), a minimal weight of 16 lbs., attached eyelet hangers, and pre-wired with a 10ft. cord; installation is easy for most anyone.
  • Dust and bugs seem to make their way into almost anywhere. The slide out diffuser trays with convenient built-in grab handles make cleaning a breeze.
  • An optional 360° occupancy sensor accessory allows the room to be automatically lit when anyone enters the room, and lights turn off when you leave. Sensor is adjustable for light level On when occupied, and time delay Off. Very convenient!
  • Focus your light on a workbench or any specific area with the aid of the optional wall mount kit.
  • Haiku Home stands behind their product by offering a 7-year fixture warranty on all components, including power supplies. Have a problem, you’ll deal with them direct. No middleman giving you the runaround.
  • Electrical specifications: 120 VAC, 1.0 A, 124 W, 60 Hz
Haiku LED garage light with slide out diffuser trays
Haiku LED garage light with slide out diffuser trays Haiku LED garage light with eyelet hanger hooks Haiku LED garage light with swivel wall mount Haiku LED garage light specifications and dimensions
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