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Wall-Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Wall-mount Garage Vacuums

Having a wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaner provides ease of use to keep the interior of your car clean, garage mats free of dirt buildup, but select brands and models can allow several other tasks to be accomplished too.

  • Blower models can be used for leaf and debris blowing, with smaller units having lightweight portability.
  • When it’s time to clean window screens, attach the brush to remove the large debris and majority of the dust.
  • Do you have inflatable pools, toys, balls, etc? Certain brands and models provide the necessary attachments to make inflating painless… reverse the process with the vacuum to easily deflate and store.

Deciphering Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

There are some important terms to know (e.g. amps, hose type, cfm) to help make a better overall decision.

Garage Vacuum Manufacturers

Brand and Model Comparison

The following provides a buying guide for wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners, some of which are portable, and the others fixed.

* Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. has so many models available, we suggest visiting their site for full model comparison.
Wall mounted garage vacuum comparison

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