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Thermostat Buying Guide

Thermostat Buying Guide


Thermostat Buying Guide

Thermostat Buying Guide

From a simple manual thermostat, to a fully programmable touch-screen, and even thermostats that self learn your climate lifestyle, there is a product to fit any budget, desire or need.

The choices can be overwhelming, “I know”. There are no easy answers, and like all technology, something better seems to come along very soon.

Consult the manufacturer if you have any questions or doubts about thermostat compatibility, and if all the features you want to use, can be used with your hvac system. e.g.:

  • Zoned heating and cooling from a single¬†electronic thermostat can only be applied if two or more heaters or air conditioners are already present, and controlling different parts of the home.
  • To easily operate a plug-n play-humidifier, may require an additional wireless module, and/or same brand humidifier and thermostat.

Types of Thermostats

Basic / Mechanical Thermostats

  • Simple to operate
  • Simple installation
  • Cost effective
Non-Programmable Thermostats

  • Digital display
  • Staged heating and cooling
  • Outdoor sensor compatible to read temperature and humidity
Programmable Thermostats

  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Individual Day Programming
  • Vacation mode
  • Security / Password
  • Energy¬†calculator
  • Touchscreen
  • Humidifier control
  • Zoned heating and cooling
  • Equipment Status
  • Air filter notification
  • Humidifier pad notification

Thermostat Brands

With technology and models constantly changing, we find comparing the latest thermostat offerings the most relevant solution, so we’ll do our best to keep the manufacturer list updated.

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