theOUTlet Pop-Out Receptacle Multiplier Concept

The first thought that popped into my mind, was “what a great solution during the holidays for all those extra lighting needs. No more wondering where the power strips are, or what can I unplug for now”.

In our Lew Electrical article, we presented the possibility of pop-up electrical boxes, but theOUTlet went one step further by doubling the outlets in a similar design.

With a quick and easy installation that fits into a standard electrical box, theOUTlet is always there for you, functioning exactly like a “normal” outlet. Then, when you need more outlets just Open the Possibilities with the simple push of a button, instantly doubling the amount of outlets; where you need them, when you need them.

The Outlet Team
WARNING: Electrical Hazard. Doubling the outlet availability doesn’t increase the amperage rating. Make sure all plugged devices don’t exceed the 15 amp outlet rating, which is also based on breaker and wiring load capabilities.

theOUTlet brand and consumers need each other…

Be part of the initial pledge backers, to get in on the Fall 2016 early release list. Just in time for your next holiday season needs!

Help make theOUTlet a successful venture, and they promise to invest in increasing the product line to accommodate various household needs.

Pop-out receptacles for usb and 20 amp applications
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