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theOUTlet Pop-Out Receptacle Multiplier Concept

Pop open outlet that doubles your receptacles including usb ports.


theOUTlet Pop-Out Receptacle Multiplier Concept

theOUTlet Pop-Out Receptacle Multiplier Concept

The first thought that popped into my mind, was “what a great solution during the holidays for all those extra lighting needs. No more wondering where the power strips are, or what can I unplug for now”.

In our Lew Electrical article, we presented the possibility of pop-up electrical boxes, but theOUTlet went one step further by doubling the outlets in a similar design.

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theOUTlet Team says, “With a quick and easy installation that fits into a standard electrical box, theOUTlet is always there for you, functioning exactly like a normal outlet. Then, when you need more outlets just Open the Possibilities with the simple push of a button, instantly doubling the amount of outlets; where you need them, when you need them.”

theOUTlet brand and consumers need each other. Help make theOUTlet a successful venture, and they promise to invest in increasing the product line to accommodate various household needs.

Pop-out receptacles for usb and 20 amp applications

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