Gramovox 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

Gramovox 2.0 Bluetooth Gramophone Speaker

The Gramovox bluetooth speaker inherits its core design from a 1920's era Magnovox Gramophone horn. The end result is a beautiful nostalgic design that has been revived and paired with modern technology for new generations to appreciate.
Korner Home Security

Korner Home Security System

Looking for a simple way to protect your home? Korner is a home security system that anyone can use and anyone can afford. A small dongle plugs into your home router that then talks with
Honeywell Prestige IAQ

Honeywell Prestige IAQ 2.0 HD Thermostat

Thermostats have come a long way from those simple manual dial designs with zero visual appeal. Honeywell tops out its programmable thermostat lineup with their Prestige IAQ 2.0 HD model. SEE ALSO: Thermostat Buying Guide
Tile Locator Device

Never Lose Things Again With Tile

Do you have a habit of misplacing the remote, or maybe your keys, house phone, or cat? With the Tile app you can be sure to know where everything is at all times. Tile attaches to all of
Nod Finger Control Remote

NOD Finger Based Gesture Control

Ever wanted to control different aspects of your home without having to leave the couch? Sure there are a number of different products we've featured on our site that can do just that, but none of
Adam Frank Lucid mirror

Adam Frank LUCID Mirror

Artist and product inventor Adam Frank added to his creative collection of light and interactivity with the LUCID mirror; bringing flare, uniqueness, and variability to an otherwise static and orthodox piece of decor. Instead of trying to put
Ion Mood Lighting

Ion Music Detecting Mood Lighting

Add a little flair to your home with the Ion Music Detecting Mood Lighting kit. The Ion device responds to music and is totally controllable via your smartphone. Whether you're looking to add ambiance to
Logitech Harmony Touchscreen Remote

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Touchscreen Universal IR Remote The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control truly is the ultimate way to control your living room. Whether you want to control your entertainment center or room lighting, this
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