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Make quick work of a dusty car interior with a Swiffer duster refill pad



Swiffer Duster for Auto Interiors

At one time Swiffer sold auto dusters, but they were more or less repackaged dusting pads found throughout their product lineup. Meaning, you can still get the same usability and benefits by using Swiffer Dry Duster Refills.

Make quick work of a dusty dash and any other hard panel surface with a wipe of a Swiffer Duster Pad.

One of the big advantages of using a Swiffer pad is their flexibility to reach into odd shapes and attract dust, which a rag can be less effective at (vents, gauge clusters, and shifter area).

The Swiffer Duster pads fit nicely in a glove box or other storage compartment, ready to use whenever needed.

Note: Using a material specific auto interior cleaner still has its place for a more thorough cleaning, followed by a interior protectant.

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