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Stikkan Softwood Kindling Splitter

Once the Stikkan wood splitter is properly mounted, you’ll be making kindling with ease.



The Stikkan story begins with an original invention in Norway in 1982, and has since moved manufacturing to Foshaga, Sweden. But the unique design of the Stikkan wood splitter remains the same; making kindling easy and safe to achieve.

What kind of wood can I split?

Over the years I’ve done a fair amount of log splitting using hydraulic log splitters, axes, along with a heavy maul and splitting wedge combination to make firewood.

The Stikkan wood splitter is NOT a replacement for those tools, but instead designed to create kindling from easy to burn small diameter softwoods (pine and spruce).

Stikken Softwood Kindling Splitter

Mounting the Stikkan wood splitter

The Stikkan wood splitter requires a stable vertical post or timber, and can be attached with the 4 provided lag bolts.

  • Dimensions: 23″l x 3 ¾” w x 5 ¼” d
  • Mounting holes: 2 ⅜” on center

If no individual post or solid timber of suitable width and strength is available for mounting; there is another option.

Horizontally attach 2×4’s to wall studs; spacing the 2×4’s apart to allow vertical centering between the top and bottom Stikkan mount locations. The 2×4’s can be mounted over a finished wall and painted to blend.

How to mount a Stikkan wood splitter

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