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Review: Simplehuman Stainless Steel Sink Caddy

simplehuman stainless sink caddy

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Review: Simplehuman Stainless Steel Sink Caddy

Review: Simplehuman Stainless Steel Sink Caddy

In my experience the simplehuman brand has always delivered high quality and long lasting products for kitchen and bath accessories. With their stainless sink caddy, I’ve found another demonstration of product excellence.

The sink caddy is primarily targeted for kitchen sink use, but I’ve found that our utility sink (see featured image) benefits just as well, especially since we keep more cleaning products in this area.

This review focuses on the multi-compartment sink caddy, but there is also a slim sink caddy and several other exceptional kitchen tools to complete your cleaning and organizing needs.

All the right features implemented

  • A vented bottom allows drain back into the sink, along with aiding airflow to promote drying of sponges and brushes.
  • The brush holder comfortably accommodates several grout, soft bristle, and detail cleaning tools. The silicon base is adjustable to suite varying brush lengths.
  • On the other side of the caddy is a double tray, which easily stores 4-6 common sized scrub pads. As typical intelligent Simplehuman design goes, the sponge and pad divider tray is removable to allow thorough cleaning of the caddy when needed.
  • An adjustable and removable nylon coated wire ledge hanger combines with the suction cups to create a secure, yet, mar free mounting system.
simplehuman stainless sink caddy features

Image Credit: simplehuman

NOTE: Our featured image shows the adjustable wire ledge hanger removed. I tried to provide better access to the nearby wall hanging items in the tight confines of the utility closet, but have since re-installed the hanger. The suction cups can only provide so much support on their own.

simplehuman stainless sink caddy non-marring hanger

Removable and adjustable hanger

Maintaining and replacing the suction cups

Made in USA suction cup with hook

Simplehuman says “some stainless steel sinks have deep brushed lines. We recommend suction cup stickers that are designed to solve this issue. Please click here to find our suction cup stickers”, located in the replacement parts section.

If the suction cups fail to properly adhere, first try cleaning:

  1. Add a dab of dish soap with water
  2. Rub with finger
  3. Rinse
  4. Dry
  5. Get back to a debris free and tacky surface again

Over time suction cups will eventually flatten out and no longer provide the cupping shape needed for proper suction. If after cleaning, and you still have adhesion issues; simplehuman parts sells product replacement suction cups.

Another option is going to your local hardware or craft store (e.g. Michaels) with the existing suction cup to compare. Any medium size suction cup measuring 1.75″ in diameter should work.

**Shown: This – made in usa – direct replacement suction cup was purchased at Ace Hardware for $.99 each. The affixed metal hook easily slides off, leaving the suction cup knob to fit the sink caddy attachment as a perfect replacement.

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