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Review: Scotch-Brite Shower Scrubber

The Scotch-Brite shower scrubber with extendable handle remains a staple in my cleaning arsenal, and here’s why I highly recommended this product as a must have cleaning tool.

The extra 24″ is a great aid for reaching those high and low areas:

  • Eliminate the dangerous positions of standing on bath edges or shower benches when trying to clean out of reach areas of your shower and bath.
  • Have bad knees or back? The shower scrubber works just effectively by reaching the lower areas with less bending.

Is this the perfect all-in-one shower cleaning tool?

The scrubber pad has a fairly large radius on all edges, so getting into corners isn’t possible. Personally, I don’t think a square edge pad would allow enough pressure into tight corners to clean effectively anyways, so using a brush like the Scotch-Brite® Grout & Detail Tool makes more sense.

**Beyond the corner cleaning inability, the scrubber shines in all other areas!

Design Features:

The Scotch-Brite shower scrubber has all the right features to make it easy to store and use. A simple press of a tab releases the worn scrubber pad so a new one can be quickly installed.

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