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Review: Gain 24″ of extra reach with Scotch-Brite extendable shower scrubber



Scotch-Brite Shower Scrubber

For the longest time, cleaning the topmost parts of my bath/shower combination was never an issue, I could hop up and straddle the bathtub edges as my step stool. I was agile enough, never felt in danger, and this was an easy solution. I don’t recommend this method but it worked for. Then I moved into a home where the steam shower and bathtub were separated. Sure, the shower had a built-in bench on one wall, and I did hop up on there at first, balancing myself with one hand on a surrounding wall, but this was a very questionable approach for cleaning. I no longer felt safe and secure and needed a new strategy.

We already had a small and lightweight step stool, which is great for many things, but the idea of dragging it into the shower…dealing with it getting soaked…then having to dry it out properly, didn’t top my list as a great option. There had to be a better solution, but initially there wasn’t.

One of the thoughts churning through my head was using an extension pole like I do for window cleaning, just a much shorter version. The problem? How to attach a bath scrubber.

Not long after this process, which seemed like a lot of effort considering some bath specific cleaning tool should have been available already, and what do you know extendable shower scrubbers started hitting the market. From what I recall, the Scotch-Brite shower scrubber was one of the first and remains a staple in my cleaning arsenal.

Several other extendable shower scrubbers have hit the market, and I’ve surveyed a few of them, but my Scotch-Brite shower scrubber seems near perfect to me, has never given me problems, and I can easily find replacement scrubber heads at a few of my local retailers. So, I see no need to change.

What’s great about this cleaning tool?

  • Delicate surfaces will remain unscathed by the non-scratch pad.
  • The extra 24″ is a great aid for reaching those high and low areas.
  • Eliminate the dangerous positions of standing on bath edges or shower benches when trying to clean out of reach areas of your shower and bath.
  • Have bad knees or back? The shower scrubber works just effectively by reaching the lower areas with less bending.
  • Not limited to just bath cleaning. Use it anywhere and just swap out scrubber pads if worried about cross contaminating when using different cleaners.
  • A simple press of a tab releases the worn scrubber pad so a new one can be quickly installed.
Scotch-Brite bathroom shower scrubber features
Scotch-Brite bathroom shower scrubber features Scotch-Brite shower scrubber with telescoping handle Scotch-Brite shower scrubber with 360° swivel hanger hook Scotch-Brite shower scrubber with 180° swivel head Scotch-Brite replaceable shower scrubber pad
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Extendable Shower Scrubber
No-Scratch Scrubber Pad Refills

Add a detail bath cleaning tool

Scotch-Brite grout cleaning detail brush

The scrubber pad has a fairly large radius on all edges, so getting into corners isn’t possible. Personally, I don’t think a square edge pad would allow enough pressure into tight corners to clean effectively anyways. Using a brush like the Scotch-Brite® Grout & Detail Tool makes more sense in my opinion and will also be more aggressive for grout lines.

Beyond the corner cleaning inability, the scrubber shines in all other areas.



  1. Ellen Guillory

    August 24, 2016 at 12:04 am

    How can one secure the wand to the extended length and not collapse? It extends but won’t stay. Thank you

    • Editorial Staff

      August 24, 2016 at 8:25 am

      You may have a defective handle, but I have on occasion also experienced times when the handle gets wet and won’t immediately stay locked in the extended position.

      I just slide the handle back and forth and turn several times. Handle lock has always worked eventually without to much hassle.

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