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Protect the top of your nightstands by using a desk blotter

No longer worry about dishes, books, keys, electronics, change (money), etc. damaging the tabletop.



Nightstand desk blotter surface protection

Looking to keep your furniture in the best condition you can Рfor as long as you can, while living in the reality that furniture does get used. I find that using a desk pad / desk blotter can be the perfect product for protecting the top of a nightstand, while coordinating nicely with the surrounding decor.

  • Desk pads are available in various sizes to best match the dimensions of your nightstand for the fullest protection.
  • A thicker desk pad has the ability to absorb an impact if something accidentally gets dropped.
  • Use a classic and monotone design to create a subtle and blended look, or add a eye-catching design to fit your bold decor style.
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