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Review: Oxo Microfiber Hand Duster

Oxo Microfiber Hand Duster

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Review: Oxo Microfiber Hand Duster

The flexible wand microfiber hand duster, once labeled double duster, by OXO, is a great dusting tool for those within arms reach dusting duties. There are several wool or microfiber dusters that do a fine job of cleaning, but cleaning the actual duster once dirty is the problem, as many have permanent handles attached. With the OXO microfiber hand duster, I feel like “finally, a microfiber hand duster that can do it all with an excellent design”. The ability to dust 2″ wood window blinds was a huge plus after striking out on all the blind specific dusters that never met my expectations.

The original microfiber duster surface had a double-sided design and white in color, but the new pad did away with the flat microfiber side and now made in the reddish orange color. I didn’t see the need for the flat side, and with the deletion, I’m assuming neither did many other consumers. The pad remains plush on all sides, still allowing use as a double-sided duster, and continues  ease of dusting any surface: vases, between stairway banisters, statues, office equipment, inside window frames, curtain rods, flat table-tops, shelves, and cabinet tops.

Dust blinds with the OXO hand duster

Note: Low surface areas, like baseboards and stairway steps that attract hair and dust balls, intertwine into the pad fibers and don’t easily clean, if at all,  from the stringy microfiber pad , and can also contaminate other microfiber pads if washed in the same load.

How to Clean Microfiber Pads

  • The pads are machine washable, but to keep the original characteristics of the dusting pads, I wash all my microfiber pads separately from other cleaning rags…gentle cycle…air dry. This includes my microfiber dust mop pads and flexible dusting wand by Bona.
  • A dryer causes the yarn like fibers to fluff and turn into a sheep like coat, losing the thin and loose strand like quality (image shown above is a result of drying – compare to a new microfiber pad).

Note: Even with the above care taken for cleaning, the pads have a tendency to shed when washed.

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