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New Pig Absorbent Mat Pads and Rolls

New Pig absorbent mats for oil and chemical spills

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New Pig Absorbent Mat Pads and Rolls

New Pig Absorbent Mat Pads and Rolls

Don’t let harmful fluids ruin a garage floor, workbench, or runoff into the ground or sewer. Capture those spills and leaks with the appropriate absorbency pad that can be disposed of safely.

The New Pig Corporation manufacturers all kinds of absorbency mats, pads, and rolls to soak up leaks, splatters and contain large spills. Choose from universal absorbency, oil-only, special application or hazardous chemical absorbency. Easy-tear perforations let you size mats to your needs.

Large mats work great when working on your own automobile or piece of outdoor equipment. Smaller absorbency mats can sit on top of a workbench to place those oily and messy parts that need working on. Do your bare concrete garage floors become dangerous during wet and cold weather conditions? There are multiple garage floor mats to choose from, with features including: adhesive backed, grippy, cushioned and reusable.

Check out the New Pig Training Blog for spill cleanup advice?

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