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Review: Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

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Review: Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

This style of blind duster had initial appeal, but ultimately failed to tackle anything beyond a single blind.

There are several brands putting their label on this mini blind duster that be found at many hardware and grocery stores in the cleaning section, but from what I can see, they are all the same.

The design works nicely with the ability to squeeze the fingers together and apply some pressure while wiping; combined with a solid build, and having a washable microfiber pad, the blind duster had promise. Unfortunately the potential was short-lived. The surface area of the microfiber fingers are too small to have much of an impact on cleaning, before needing to be cleaned themselves. NOTE: There are no extra refill pads to buy.

The overall size of the mini blind duster isn’t any bigger than the palm of an average man’s hand. This was an immediate indicator of the cleaning limitations.

Mini Blind Duster Review

For the average price of $5 and an overall quality product; despite its small size, I wouldn’t be completely dismissive. If a home doesn’t have a large amount of blinds to clean, then the compact size and ease of use might be the tool you want. For me, it’s back to hand wiping with a rag.

How to Use

The design allows two blind lats to be cleaned at once. Place the mini blind duster over 2 lats – between the duster fingers » squeeze » slide along the surfaces. Both top and bottom will be wiped in one pass.

Technically, this duster is labeled as a mini blind duster, but can work on larger 2″ blinds if the blind lats are squeezed together enough.

Where to Find Mini Blind Dusters

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