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Lutron Maestro Wireless Light Controls

Lutron Maestro wireless light switches and Pico light control


Lutron Maestro Wireless Light Controls

Lutron Maestro Wireless Light Controls

The Lutron Maestro Wireless light controls have the same look and features as their wired Maestro light switches, while adding Lutron’s reliable Clear ConnectTM RF Technology.

As a homeowner, I’m never without an issue that doesn’t need an answer, which I’ve never had to think about in the past. In this case, all our light controls for the master bathroom are inside the master bedroom. If you walk into the bathroom and find yourself in need of light (there are large windows that can often play tricks on actually providing proper lighting), a walk back and reaching around the doorway to the wall switches is needed.

For me that got annoying quickly. Cutting into the drywall, adding an electrical box, tapping into the bedroom side wall switch wiring, then patching up the wall, wasn’t a project I felt like undertaking since there are always so many other projects already filling the to-to list.

I already discovered wired Lutron Maestro switches to replace our generic slider dimmers, and was ecstatic to find that their matching Wireless Pico switches as the perfect solution to our master bath lighting control problem.

A much needed note to make is that the Lutron wireless system isn’t 100% wireless. You will need a main switch, wired as normal, with wireless signal capabilities. From here you can now add and sync the wireless remote Pico controls.

The Pico remote is as thin as the wall plate and fits flush inside a standard decora wall plate opening. The decora cover easily attaches to a wall with light duty plastic wall anchors. Simply use the same screw holes as you would to attach the wall plate to an electrical box mounted switch.

Lutron Maestro Pico RF Companion Switch

The Pico wireless remote creates a huge benefit for adding a second or third (3 & 4 -way lighting) remote light switch on a wall without the need for additional wiring.


  • Replaceable car key fob style battery.
  • Includes a car visor clip.
  • Optional tabletop stand – The Pico remote is fairly small. For handheld light control in a specific room, we opted to use the Maestro IR light switch, which has a much larger remote.
  • Lutron states that the wireless controller “Can provide control of shades, drapes, or lighting devices within a range of 30 ft (9 m) through walls and 60 ft (18 m) line-of-sight.”

Complete Pico specifications sheet

View the Pico switch variations along with the Lutron consumer brochure and sell sheet to see what may best fit your needs.

Lutron Maestro wireless light switches and Pico light control

Lutron Maestro Pico wireless remote multi-control

Pico multi-device control

Lutron Maestro Pico wireless remote shade control

Pico window shade control

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