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Lockitron Bolt Keyless Entry System

Lockitron Bolt allows keyless entry via Bluetooth


Lockitron Bolt Keyless Entry System

Lockitron Bolt Keyless Entry System

Technology intends to make life more convenient, but we don’t live in a perfect world. The latest keyless entry effort from Lockitron is the Bolt and hopes to improve on past experience.

I remember the initial launch of the Crowdfunded Lockitron, and being an admirer of technology, I was intrigued. I had every intention to get my hands on one of their products, but the fact is we personally never use our main entry door. Pulling into the garage, then using that entry door, is our main point of access. So, this was one of those gadgets that faded, as I focused on other products and projects.

Fast forward, doing content research, and Lockitron came to mind again. Seems Lockitron has had it’s ups and downs since inception, but they’re still in the game, that’s always a positive sign, along with delivering and even better keyless entry system at a cheaper price. The Lockitron Bolt seems to have several advantages over the original design.

Lockitron Bolt, Keypad, and Bridge for keyless entry

From appearance and specs, the Bolt seems like several big steps in the right direction. There seems to be a lot of information to sort through as the company transitions from the original design to the Bolt.

For complete details – I suggest reading the Lockitron Help section, which also covers information about security and reliability.

What is the Lockitron Bolt?

  • Lockitron Bolt is a full replacement deadbolt and requires no additional lock components to install on your door.
  • Lockitron’s Key Match™ functionality allows you to keep your current key even though Lockitron Bolt is a full replacement lock.
  • Bolt by Lockitron uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means that Lockitron will keep working even in the event of power or internet outages.
  • Lockitron is compatible with most through-hole / cylindrical deadbolts. If you have a decorative backplate (“escutcheon”) or interconnected handle and deadbolt, you will need to replace the interconnected lock with an independent handle.
    • Currently we do not offer a Lockitron solution for mortise locks.
    • Currently we do not offer a Lockitron solution for rim deadbolts
  • Currently compatible with iOS and Android users only for the App.
  • If you have an iOS device (iPhone 6s/Plus, 6/Plus, 5, 4S, iPad 3/4, or iPod Touch 5th generation) or an Android 4.4+ device with Bluetooth 4.0 you can enable Lockitron to Sense when you walk up to the door and unlock it for you.
  • Lockitron is compatible with a number of smartwatches thanks to community integrations for Pebble and Android Wear as well as direct compatibility with Apple Watch.
  • Lockitron Bridge is an optional accessory that connects Lockitron Bolt to the web, giving you the ability to control Lockitron remotely.

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