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Korner Home Security System

Korner smartphone home security


Korner Home Security System

Korner Home Security System

Quick and easy to install. No tools required. No permanent modifications to your home.

The Korner home security system is for anyone that would like basic monitoring of their home without the complexities.

Note: There is a reoccurring annual fee of $39 (1st year included in price). This includes Korner server and App support, remote Arm/Disarm functionality, App intrusion alerts, battery life monitoring, and connection to your community to provide real-time support in the event of an intrusion. Korner also remotely monitors the system performance and offers highly responsive customer support.

Korner home security router stick

STEP 1: Plug the dungle into your router or modem USB.

Korner home security app

STEP 2: Download the Korner home security app, and sync.

Korner home security window and door stick-Ons

STEP 3: Place a Korner stick tag on every door and window you want monitored.

We contacted Korner to get a little more information about their system, and they quickly responded with some encouraging details.

Korner Tags

  • The Tags are designed to fit any door or window. The 90° profile allows easy aligning, while the beveled edges make them more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Tags detect motion but are designed to prevent accidental triggers from vibrations alone.

Q) Do the tags use film adhesive, and is extra adhesive provided with each tag?

A) The Tags have a reusable adhesive, so no ‘extras’ are provided. Any 2-sided tape purchased from your local hardware store can be used to stick a Tag to a door or window if the adhesive on the Tag is no longer working.

Q) I’m assuming the tag batteries are the same as a car key fob style battery?

A) We use CR2450 batteries that are widely available in retail outlets everywhere. As part of our patent-pending approach, we carefully manage power consumption during the life of the Tag. As a result, the tag is designed to last 2 years.

Korner App

  • The app notifies your phone of a triggered tag.
  • When a notification is received, there are options built right into the app for you to the make the decision of: dialing 911, and / or forward a message to a circle list of friends that can check on your home when not available.
  • The system can be armed and disarmed remotely from the App, along with an auto arming feature.

Q) Does the app low battery warning detect which tag has a low battery or just a general warning?

A) Our App will monitor the batteries and notify you when they need to be replaced, and we will tell you specifically which Tag needs a battery. Note that we give you a notice well in advance, so you will often have weeks, even months, before the battery actually dies. No need to remove the Tags from doors or windows. Just slide the cover off of the Tag, and switch out the old battery for a new one!

Korner Stick / Dongle

  • Uses your internet service to receive signals transmitted from the tags and send information to the app.
  • Contains the speaker to create an audible alarm when a tag is triggered.

Q) What is the decibel of the stick audible alarm?

A) 100dB at 10cm. Our siren is the same as a smoke detector. Also note that if you want additional noise, you can purchase our Extender. It also has a buzzer identical to the one found on the Stick, so both would sound in the event of an intrusion. And you can put the Extender wherever you want, as it doesn’t need to be plugged into a router or computer. An Extender also expands the wireless range of the system within the home.

TIP: Using a battery backup for your router will ensure your Korner home security system is still operable even during a short power outage. Plus, you get the added benefit of protecting your computer system from power surges.

Adding a basic security and monitoring system to your home doesn’t get any easier than this!

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