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Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensil Carousel

Joseph Joseph kitchen utensil carousels

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Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensil Carousel

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensil Carousel

Typical kitchen utensil holders – where you stick the utensils in a canister – appear cluttered and unappealing sitting atop a counter. And having the food end of the utensil sticking up to grab doesn’t make much hygienic sense, either.

The Joseph Joseph brand offers their modern and visually elevate kitchen utensil carousels as a beautifully designed alternative to what could, otherwise, be utensil ugliness and disarray.

All the essential kitchen utensils are included in each kit, with each tool having an innovative weighted handle and integrated tool rest. The rotating column allows easy access, while the non-slip base keeps your countertop safe and the carousel securely in place.

The Meaning of “Elevate”

The same handle that nicely allows each utensil to fit and wrap around the carousel also elevates the head of the utensils off the countertop. Safer from passing germs. Keeps food from passing to a surface.

Joseph Joseph elevated kitchen utensil handle

**Both, the wood and nylon utensils, are safe for nonstick cookware.
**All utensils are dishwasher safe.

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