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The benefits of exterior home lighting are twofold. Lighting gives a pleasing ambient glow to your home and property, but more importantly lighting provides safety and security. Everything from a lit walkway to an overhead yard light provides enhanced visibility. When combining home automation to lighting, you’ll enjoy added comfort and an extra degree of security.

Finding suitable light controls for our for interior lighting wasn’t overly complicated. We settled on Lutron Maestro light switches – they don’t have full light automation, but they have up to a 60 second countdown timer in 10 second increments – an adequate feature for the application.

When addressing our exterior lighting, a 7-day timer switch with total light control made the most sense, but Lutron doesn’t make a compatible light switch. Not for a single in-wall application, anyways. And none of the generic in-stock timer switches at local home improvement stores were a great solution either.

I contacted a local lighting store, who’s parts department sells the Honeywell 7-Day Solar Programmable Timer Switch (a switch that topped my list after searching the internet), and has proved to be a perfect complement to our Honeywell touchscreen thermostat and the adjacent Lutron Maestro interior light switches.

Same look – different warranties and specifications

There’s an assortment of Honeywell programmable timers switches to suit various budgets and applications. Homeowners may find the retail switches to be sufficient, but commercial models are available too, which include a longer warranty.

We’ve included Aube Technologies – a Honeywell company, in the following comparison tables. These switches target the Canadian market, but are the exact same as their Honeywell counterparts, with a different part number.

E.g. Honeywell customer service informed us that, “the RPLS740 is a retail thermostat, which has 1 year warranty on it. This switch is not compatible with 3-way switching wire configuration. It is retail unit available at any retail stores. The PLS750 is a trade thermostat, which has 3 years warranty from date of installation. This switch is compatible with 3-way switching wire configuration. Its available through any HVAC licensed contractor”.

7-day Programmable Timer Switches

These switches provide the main essential for a light timer switch (7-day programming). If a simplistic fascia is appealing, you’ll appreciate the control button hidden behind the front panel.

Honeywell 7-day programmable in-wall switches

  • Manual Mode – The programmable switch operates as a regular switch. Briefly press the switch door to turn the lights On or Off.
  • Automatic Mode – The programmable switch follows the programmed schedule (up to 7 programs). You can press the switch door at any time to override the default state for the current program. The lights will turn off if they are on and vice versa. The new state is maintained until you press the main button again or till the next “On” or “Off” program.

7-Day Solar Programmable Timer Switches

The 7-day solar switch adds a few more programmable features, along with using a more elegant LCD screen and pushbutton control panel.

Honeywell digital programmable light timer

Includes all the functions of the 7-day programmable switches, plus:

  • Instead of pressing the switch door, briefly press the main button to manually turn the lights On or Off.
  • Solar (Sunset/Sunrise) programming – Latitude and longitude coordinates are used to turn the lights on at sunset and off at sunrise.
  • Random mode – In Random mode, the programs are automatically set to different times by the switch every day; i.e. giving the impression someone is home during your absence. The first “On” program occurs at sunset. Each “On” program lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes; each “Off” program lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. The last “Off” program occurs between 10:30 pm and midnight.

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