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Hands-free Operation with Lutron Maestro Vacancy and Occupancy Sensors

Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor


Hands-free Operation with Lutron Maestro Vacancy and Occupancy Sensors

Installing vacancy / occupancy sensors can create several benefits in a household, and Lutron® offers several variations to fit those needs. Plus, just like the standard Maestro product line, there’s the option for on / off switches, or fade to on / off with a dimmer model.

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Occupancy and Vacancy Sensor Benefits

  • Hands-free light control. Great for bathrooms to provide a more sanitary environment.
  • Helpful for small areas: laundry rooms, closets, and utility rooms; where you may be pre-occupied or have your hands full.
  • Energy savings. No more remembering to turn off lights or leaving lights on.

Note: I was pleasantly surprised and pleased how accurate the sensors are. No false readings from air ducts (unless directly near), washer and dryer vibrations, or breezes; which was an initial concern.

Wireless Occupancy Sensors

The Lutron Wireless Occupancy Sensors provide options when a hard-wired sensor doesn’t allow an easy installation.

Lutron wireless ceiling occupancy and vacancy sensor

Lutron wireless ceiling occupancy / vacancy sensor

  • Closet main switch is in the bathroom, bedroom, etc. Purchase the accompanying Electronic Switch MRF2-8ANS-120; then place a remote sensor inside the closet.
  • Multiple rooms are controlled by a single light switch. Add the Electronic Switch MRF2-8ANS-120; then appropriate remote occupancy sensors in each room.

Lutron provides two 3M Command Strips for temporary mock-up sensor placement. If wanting to sample with more locations; additional strips can be purchased at most local retail stores: hardware, grocery, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Painters tape can also be used to hold the sensor in place for mock-up purposes.

Lutron remote wireless sensor

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