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Haiku Home LED Garage Light

Formerly known as the Big Ass Light, Big Ass Solutions launched their residential division in 2016 – Haiku Home.



Haiku LED garage and shop light

Going all out on creating an organized and appealing garage. These Haiku Home garage lights would be a great addition for your lighting needs.

The award-winning design speaks for itself:

  • Heavy-duty anodized extruded aluminum single-piece body, which also serves as a heat sink. Yes, LED’s do produce heat.
  • LED’s emit a whopping 13,000 lumens…5000k temperature…and have an estimated 150,000 operating hours lifespan.
  • With a compact design (23.1 in L x 9.18 in. W), a minimal weight of 16 lbs., attached eyelet hangers, and pre-wired with a 10ft. cord; installation is easy for most anyone.
  • Dust and bugs seem to make their way into almost anywhere. The slide out diffuser trays with convenient built-in grab handles make cleaning a breeze.
  • An optional 360° occupancy sensor accessory allows the room to be automatically lit when anyone enters the room, and lights turn off when you leave. Sensor is adjustable for light level On when occupied, and time delay Off. Very convenient!
  • Focus your light on a workbench or any specific area with the aid of the optional wall mount kit.
  • Haiku Home stands behind their product by offering a 7-year fixture warranty on all components, including power supplies. Have a problem, you’ll deal with them direct. No middleman giving you the runaround.
  • Electrical specifications: 120 VAC, 1.0 A, 124 W, 60 Hz
Haiku LED garage light with slide out diffuser trays
Haiku LED garage light with slide out diffuser trays Haiku LED garage light with eyelet hanger hooks Haiku LED garage light with swivel wall mount Haiku LED garage light specifications and dimensions
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