Review: Gwee Button Smartphone Accessory

When asked by Gwee to review their products, I was hesitant. Mainly because I didn’t think how the products applied to the content for Diy House Help.

After a bit of thought and examining the Gwee product lineup, I responded with a sample request for the Gwee Button. My thought was “people may carry their smartphone’s throughout the house to watch online content, so the button kickstand feature may come in handy as an iphone accessory. Then there’s the attached microfiber pad that’s supposed to aid in cleaning the screen, so this looks like a helpful device for around the house after all.

How does the Gwee Button function?

Like all Gwee products, the main designation is to have a convenient cleaning tool available at all times for your touchscreen device and eyeglasses. Additionally, each product has a unique design to offer one or more uses.

In the case of the Gwee Button, you’ll get a built-in kickstand which props your smartphone up at a 20° angle for better viewing when sitting at a table or standing at a counter. Does the kickstand provide an optimal viewing angle? No! But it’s a nice additional feature that works within the microfiber pad housing size constraints, creating a better viewing angle than just having your phone lye flat.

Gwee Button smartphone touchscreen microfiber cleaning pad
Gwee Button dimensions and tilt angle
Gwee Button Dimensions & Tilt Angle

Button Base:

  • First, you need to attach the Polypropylene base to your phone. Gwee made this very easy by providing the Button already fitted with 3M transfer adhesive. Just peel the paper backing off and align. For the detail oriented, this is a great time to use your incremental ruler to find dead center. Gwee is thoughtful enough to provide 2 additional adhesive stickers incase you switch phones or haven’t cleaned the phone surface properly and have adhesion issues.
  • Fitted inside the nylon base is a magnet to help secure the cap, which also has a magnet. I’ll get to that below.
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Button Cap / Lid:

  • Polypropylene top layer is hinged in the middle to create the kickstand and act as a handle when using to clean a screen or eyeglasses. The half that flips open has another small magnet to keep the hinged lid closed when not in use.
  • The second layer consists of another main magnet (as mentioned above) to secure the lid to the base. Gwee did their physics background and made sure to have these magnets facing with opposite poles. What you get is a solid magnetic field and secure connection.
  • A Microfiber pad with a Ulta-Fresh antimicrobial treatment finishes the lid, and is both washable and replaceable. Just like providing the extra adhesive pads, Gwee went all out and includes several additional microfiber pads in the kit for convenience. When the time comes to put the microfiber pad to use you’ll find cleaning is most effective with a side to side motion. Circular patterns tend to cause swirling.

* Combination available in 8 colors (silver shown).

Gwee Button touchscreen cleaning pad magnetic base and cap
2-Piece Gwee Button


How obtrusive is the Gwee Button on a phone?

The size and centered placement of the Gwee Button doesn’t cause any interference issues when holding a smartphone as normal. It sits untouched in the cupped portion of your hand.

Gwee Button microfiber cleaning pad hand clearance

So, what are my overall thoughts?

After a few weeks of analyzing and trying to use the Gwee Button, I do feel there is a market for such a product. I’m definitely not the target buyer as I try to use my phone as little as possible, but at the same time I can appreciate the thought and design.

A few things worth mentioning:

  1. With portable devices taking weight reduction into account with each new model, the Gwee Button does add some weight back to your phone, (.0225lbs / .36 oz.) to be exact. And a few people I consulted with did notice and dislike the extra mass.
  2. The microfiber pad does a good job of removing fingerprints, but makeup proved to be too much. A larger cloth and possibly a cleaning solution is still needed.

If interested in Gwee products, but may not be 100% sure and want to know your purchase liabilities, please view the Gwee return policy.

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