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Glisten Disposer Care Waste Disposal Foaming Cleanser

Glisten Disposer Care Waste Disposal Cleaner

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Glisten Disposer Care Waste Disposal Foaming Cleanser

Cleaning a garbage disposal to remove odor causing bacteria can consist of several home concoctions: vinegar, ice, lemons (any citrus fruit), or bleach. I’m in no position to argue what may scientifically work better than the next, but I do recommend the Glisten Disposer Care foaming cleanser.

The process is simple:

  1. Run hot water in the sink with disposer for about a minute, then reduce to a pencil width sized trickle.
  2. Drop the sealed biodegradable packet down an empty – and OFF – disposer.
  3. Now, turning the disposer ON for a few minutes; results in a blue foaming scientifically designed treatment that scrubs away food particles, grease and grunge…cleaning the entire garbage disposal and drain.

To ensure a full cleaning of the garbage disposal splash guard (disposer OFF), I use a bottle brush in a plunging motion, cleaning thoroughly on the underside and top. The OXO stainless steel bottle brush has been a quality brush in our kitchen.

*Check local home improvement stores for availability (specifically Ace Hardware).

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