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Geo Plastics Oil Recycling Drain Containers

Geo Plastics leak-proof oil recycling drain container

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Geo Plastics Oil Recycling Drain Containers

If you prefer draining your oil through the drain plug over using an oil extractor, these are the oil recycling drain containers and funnels that will make the job much easier.

Tired of your existing oil containers dripping and leaking from the drain spout? The GEO Plastics oil containers are truly leak-proof, and the nicest oil drain container I have used.

Oil Drain Container Specs

  • Deep fluid capture area.
  • Rugged main cap that seals and doesn’t strip like all the past containers I have used.
  • Solid construction.
  • Self-venting neck (11qt model).
  • 3 different sizes available ( 6qt – 11qt – 15qt).

NOTE: There is no built-in stopper restriction in the container drain hole for the 15qt model I own, and a drain plug can fall inside. A telescoping magnetic pick-up tool will retrieve a drain plug even if the container is filled with oil.

Oil Recycling Funnels

Even though the oil can be transported directly in the leak-proof oil drain container for recycling, you may choose to transfer the oil into a jug.

  • Hands Free Oil Funnel – Has a wide mouth neck designed to tightly fit milk jug openings or similar sized container openings for clean and easy transfer. No more flopping and tilting of the funnel while pouring. The 1.75 pint capacity ensures quick oil transfer, and the size accommodates a typical oil filter.
  • The Monster Oil Funnel – High flow capacity. Designed to fit standard 55 gallon drums.

*Both offer a vented neck for improved flow.

Where to Recycle Oil Filters and Oil

  • Earth 911
  • Web search local oil recycling facilities
  • Contact your local auto parts store for recycling services
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