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Friis Sealed Coffee Canister

Friis Airtight Coffee Canister

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Friis Sealed Coffee Canister

Friis Sealed Coffee Canister

Once the original vacuum sealed bag for your coffee is broken, the clock for freshness is ticking!

Friis came up with what they call the Coffee Vault to ensure you retain optimal freshness longer than an ordinary canister. Sure, you could continue using the bag or can the coffee came in, but those aren’t very attractive sitting out on your countertop.

Coffee Vault Features:

  • airtight canister.
  • opaque canister to block out light.
  • incorporates the same charcoal filter…freshness valve…as the original coffee bags, so harmful CO2 gases continue to be released. Note: I actually just cut and remove the existing valve from each bag of coffee we buy and transfer it to the Friis canister with the same beans. Less waste and money spent on replacement valves.

Not only will you store your coffee effectively, but the line of Friis Coffee canisters look great doing it.

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