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Review: Installing a Friedrich Dehumidifier

Find step-by-step installation instructions for a direct drain Friedrich dehumidifier, along with a dehumidifier sizing chart.



Review and overview of Friedrich dehumidifiers

Friedrich built their name in the room air conditioner market, but their line of portable room dehumidifiers caught my attention while looking for a new dehumidifier.

After examining the features, design, and positive reviews; I bought the Friedrich D50 – and thought to share the installation process, along with my experience and thoughts along the way.

Why have a dehumidifier?
A garage, basement, or any other space experiencing excessive humidity can wreak havoc on tools, furniture, clothing, etc., and create damaging mildew in your home when not controlled.

Why choose a Friedrich dehumidifier?
There are many top rated dehumidifiers to choose from, but I wanted to try a brand with a focused product line.

Friedrich makes in room air conditioners and 3 models of portable dehumidifiers. Nothing else!

What size dehumidifier should I buy?
Dehumidifier capacity is measured in pints per 24 hours and determined by two factors.

  1. The size of the room.
  2. The conditions / amount of humidity in the room.

Friedrich’s 3 dehumidifier models (D25, D50, D70) handle small to very large spaces.

Information courtesy of Friedrich
Room Conditions Small to
mid-size space
100 – 1,000 sq. ft.
Mid-size to
large space
1,000 – 2,000 sq. ft.
Area feels damp and has a
musty odor only in humid
(25 pint)
(50 pint)
Very Damp
Area always feels damp &
has a musty odor & may
exhibit damp spots on walls
& floors
(50 pint)
(50 pint)
Area always feels and smells
wet and the walls & floors
sweat or seepage is present
(50 pint)
(70 pint)
Extremely Wet
Area has wet floors or exhibits
standing water
(50 pint)
(70 pint)

**For further information about Friedrich dehumidifiers, view the Friedrich product manual section.

Highlights and features of Friedrich dehumidifiers


How to install a Friedrich dehumidifier with continuous drain

After unpacking the Friedrich dehumidifier; I found the D50 dehumidifier fully assembled, minus the optional drainage parts.

  • The D25BNP includes casters, but they need installing, whereas the D50BP and D70BP have the casters pre-installed.
  • Inluded in all 3 models – is a corrugated continuous drain hose (hose in the middle of the drain bucket).
  • Models D50BP and D70BP include another smaller vinyl hose (hose in the left side of the drain bucket) for the built-in drain pump feature.

Note: The tape covered part in the right side of the drain bucket – is the float – which activates the built-in drain pump or shuts the dehumidifier off when the bucket is full.

Friedrich dehumidifier hose accessories

Two Drain Options

Who wants to keep emptying a bucket of water daily! Many dehumidifiers have a continuous drain feature, but what if you don’t have the luxury of a gravity fed floor drain? Maybe you need to route a hose upwards into a sink?

Option 1 – All 3 models (D25BNP, D50BP, and D70BP) have the continuous drain port. This works by gravity alone, so the hose needs to route downward and into a drain. The drain bucket does not fill.

  1. Remove the drain cap and rubber plug. Store the black plug in a safe place in case you need to reinstall it again. The drain bucket is a good spare part storage option since it won’t be filling with water anyways.
  2. Insert the supplied rubber o-ring into the flange end of the corrugated hose. Slide the cap over the other end.
  3. Tighten the cap back onto the threaded fitting.

Friedrich D50BP continuous drain setup

Make sure the drain hose is flowing downward. A sump pump basin or floor drain makes displacing water maintenance free.

Friedrich D50BP sump basin drainage

Option 2 – Choosing the D50BP or D70BP humidifier adds another drain port that’s connected to a built-in pump. Now you have the ability to pump condensation vertically or horizontally – up to a total distance of 15 feet.

However, this type of continous drain allows the drain bucket to fill. Once the float activates – the pump turns on to empty the drain bucket.

  1. Locate the built-in pump drain port.
  2. Locate the supplied drain hose with pre-attached locking key.
  3. Push the hose and key assembly into the port until you hear a “click” sound.

Note: To remove the hose and key assembly, push the ribbed portion of the button to unlock.

Friedrich D50BP optional built-in pump drain assembly

Plug In and Power Up

After the drainage is decided and installed, the remainder of the setup is simple.

Plug the dehumidifier into a 115VAC outlet and push the power button.

Friedrich D50BP dehumidifier with electronic display

Top Panel Control Features

The easy to navigate control panel includes large LCD readouts for room temperature and humidity.

The only missing feature is a notification light when the filter is dirty.

Friedrich D50BP dehumidifier digital display panel

If you have further questions, concerns, or pre-purchase product queries, the dehumidifier Installation and Operation Manual in the Brochures tab can be helpful.

Easy Access Filter

The filter needs periodic maintenance and is conveniently located in front of the control panel.

Lift up on the handle for filter removal and slide back in after inspection. No need to remove other parts or dig for an internal filter.

Friedrich D50BP removable dehumidifier filter

What I didn’t find in the manual

Once the setup and activation was complete, there were a few concerns, and the answers I needed weren’t found in the manual, so I called customer service.

Q) Removal and reinsertion of the drain bucket has around a 2.5 -3 minute lag before the dehumidifier auto restarts if power was never turned off.
A) This is normal.

Q) The humidistat seems very inaccurate (5% variance) on turning the dehumidifier off / on at setpoint.
A) Friedrich advises to set the humidity control at the lowest setting of 30% for a day or two. The humidistat will adjust itself to the environment, then setpoint should be more accurate.


The installation was easy, the features are sufficient, and the overall design was well thought out.

If there are any questions about long-term dependability, please leave a comment for a response.



  1. lorry

    June 20, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    bought this unit 2 weeks ago and have it draining in to sink worked great! then drain bucket light came on there no water in the bucket. unit wont go back on HELP

    • Editorial Staff

      June 22, 2016 at 9:31 am

      Hi Lorry,
      This is a Friedrich CS issue. We are just an independent who installed and reviewed the unit. Sorry about your issue, but we have not shared your same dilemma. Our unit has a been 100% reliable thus far.

  2. costa

    July 23, 2015 at 2:03 am

    hi there, how is it so far?

    • Editorial Staff

      July 23, 2015 at 8:29 am

      I check the Friedrich dehumidifier every other day or so to make sure the settings are holding accurate, no leaks, etc. And so far, all is great.

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